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I've had no problem getting indexing until the new google inspection tool.Some of my post had been indexed in the past according to my email. However, as I check the Url of my post into google inspection tool, it says url can't be indexed. Why am I receiving these errors?
May 01, 2019
You know life can get so overwhelming most times due to chasing our own dreams. But do you ever stop to think about the dreams of your family members or friends. Remember, they too, are chasing dreams and need your support. So ask yourself these questions. Have you stopped to think about their small or large accomplishments? Have you helped them get to the next level? And if you have, did you take the time to celebrate and offer more encouragements?Sure they're successes may seem trivial to y
I have my first Premium member. I want everyone to welcome Teamsimmons to the community.
I was working on an article for (2) days. Today, I finished and published it around 4:00pm. At 8:41, I received an email that my article had been indexed in Google. Wow, this is fairly quick and truly an accomplishment.Thanks, Kyle and Carson and my WA family for this awesome training. Once again, I'm a testament that this WA system does work when you work hard.Even the people in the above photo can't believe it. :-)
February 03, 2019
I love badges for accomplishments and for a lot of other reasons too. I wore one in law enforcement for over (25) years. It was a sign of power and respect. It said I'm here to solve your problem.Take the emblem/badge of the Mercedes-Benz. It also is a sign of accomplishment. Meaning you have worked hard for that expensive car and it displays proudly on the hood and in front of the car to show the world.By the way, even at the Mercedes-Benz stadiums there is a free parking lot for owners wh
Lately, I've been more consistence in getting through more training and writing more content using keywords. This week I wrote (2) more articles and they both got indexed in google within about (3) days. Of course, they're not on page 1 of google yet, but there is hope that I will get there sooner than later.So with that said, I would like to encourage any newbies here at WA to keep moving forward. And if you have been procrastinating then don't. Suddenly, as you get through more and more t
January 11, 2019
I jus found out that an article I wrote a week ago got indexed by google. I'm happy about this small accomplishment because I had no experience in the online affiliate platform. The training here at WA is so awsome, but I need to step it up a notch. Just wanted to share my progress. Thank you my WA family!
December 19, 2018
I was notified that my website was indexed by google. This is an accomplishment for me even though I know it's minor to others. Thanks WA and community for the encouragement to keep on pushing on.