I Made My First Sale

Last Update: August 11, 2018

Well, it's small, but I finally did it! I made my first sale for Promoting an artist. I just kept sending out what I do to every good artist who seemed in need and finally one responded. The artist Used the website application form on the new WA site, everything and all the hard work paid off. Like I said it's a small beginning and a small fee but it means the world to me!!It can only go up from here...so I"m going to keep chug chug chugging along....Doing happy dance now, but just for a bit before getting back to work.Thanks for listening....

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HavenJames Premium
That is awesome, Windy. I believe it will be the first of many.

Celebrate your accomplishment, it may be small in dollars, but it is a huge hurdle.

Keep growing,
FlorencioQ Premium
Congratulations! you have every reason to do your happy dance.
JWhite5 Premium
Good job Windy Kai!
ValliKale Premium
Well done. Keep it up

I'm about to start the section of training on making money, so looking forward to it.


AshleyFisher Premium
Congratulations! Well done !