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August 11, 2018
Well, it's small, but I finally did it! I made my first sale for Promoting an artist. I just kept sending out what I do to every good artist who seemed in need and finally one responded. The artist Used the website application form on the new WA site, everything and all the hard work paid off. Like I said it's a small beginning and a small fee but it means the world to me!!It can only go up from I"m going to keep chug chug chugging along....Doing happy dance now, but just for a b
Well, here we go....I'm fascinated and love the keyword method and I finally finished part one of this instuctional post on how to get your blog posts out in the world as PDFs. I'd love it if you guys would give it a read and comment below the post...message me with any constructive criticism..i"m always open...But I'm anxious to see if I get ranked with the keywords I chose...I love this program! hope you enjoy...Peace and Love a
August 01, 2018
Ok this is a very short post but I wanted to share and this may only be News to me. But I have always set my paragraphs to Justify just because I think it is visually more appealing.... But I heard from someone today, and it makes perfect sense.... That you should never justify because it gives the illusion to the reader that there is much more to read and they might get psychologically put off. She said format to the left and they feel like they have less to read and will continue reading..
I had a bit of a different path coming in. I had a ten year old blog that I wanted switched over in order to implement all my new ideas and services...So the amazing tech team helped me establlish that....I've finally got my affiliates in place, logos done, links in place...content written and writing with my new Keyword research (my favorite part of all of this so far)I'm touching up a last few things and then my first newsletter will go out now that I've switched to Mail Chimp with my subscr
I have to say yesterday was harrowing... I have a fairly successful blog that when it was time to transfer things did not go well due to my technical ignorance. I was terrified I would lose ten years of graphics and I wasn't understand the transfer process... But GOD BLESS the support team because no matter how frustrated I got they stayed with me personally transferred all my content and graphics over for me! These guys have thousands or more members to deal with and they gave me their pers
So if you're a Monty Python fan you get this, if not...just google MInistry of Silly walks on YouTube, it'll change you life (overstatement maybe?)Anyway, as I'm clumsily finding my way through all this new informatioin, I feel as if I've begun my Silly Walk, I might not just walk straight to success but if I work hard I know I'll be able to Silly Walk my way there.So as I'm bombarded with all the information and advice that I don't want to forget, I thought I'd just start keeping a list that I
Here's a Brand Page I made that has helped me so much. I took my inspiration, the three bottom photos and my logo, then out of those took the colors and made sure to keep the color codes for future use. As I was doing this I thought "I'll never use thing...." I can't tell you how wrong I was. I've used this chart countless times in the two weeks since I've made it as I create all my own graphics. Now there's a contenuity to all my graphics, therefore my brand. I also included different