One pain in the butt reason why you should make your own videos

Last Update: October 04, 2016


So, a few months ago a friendly WA person offered for me/us to use their WA promotional vimeo videos on our websites ( for free.)

They were cute and fun and informative and I was weak for a short cut. So I sprinkled the videos in appropriate places around my bootcamp website.

Well, yesterday I was updating an old post and found this image where the vimeo used to be. I've since been reviewing all entries and removing this ugly black image. Darn.

If you have used the same cartoon style videos, you might want to go check on them. I guess the creator decided to can his videos and of course my links were broken too.

This is one pain in the butt reason why I should always do my own videos.

The good news is that this exercise also uncovered mistakes I have made with other important affiliate links. By the way, my embedded Youtube videos are unaffected.

Go far, go carefully, go smart, go well from Janelle.

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jvranjes Premium
I do not have my own videos and this will not change, so I use what is available on YouTube, I had the same experience but this was with a video of a world's top brand and I noticed it by chance only. So I guess this is a part of the job, not much to do about it.
whitsunday Premium
Hi. Yes you are exactly right. We need to check all imported data on our sites. Links and affiliate links as well as videos. I really only noticed my problem videos by chance too.
I recently wrote a product review and put affiliate links into it, as you do. Two months later, the owner of the company contacted me to say thank you for the review and also to let me know that he had changed his affiliate links to a new program...last year! My links had always been the wrong ones!
As soon as I changed to the correct links I started earning big commissions. If it hadn't been for the owner reading my post, I would still be using the wrong links. I noticed yesterday that he still has an old post for affiliates with the wrong program details on it, still live on the web. I notified him and he has removed it. The good news with this problem is... , now I have a great rapport with a company owner whose products are selling well through my site. So I would expect if he makes any more changes, I will know about it.
As you say, its all part of the job. I think I will be checking links about once a month from now on.
jvranjes Premium
So in the end this is a great positive experience for you. Nice story, thank you.
Ivine Premium
Hi, Janelle, enjoyed reading your post. Irv.
AnthonyMLM Premium
Thanks for sharing
theresroth Premium
Thanks for the heads-up, Janelle!
onmyownterms Premium
It could be that Vimeo decided not to host a video of that type too.
whitsunday Premium
Yes maybe. It has taken them a long time to decide that.