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Hey Guys and Gals.You don't see me in chat much anymore and that's because I am so busy with a new business. I need to tell you of my latest and greatest success story and it is important for you to know that I am deeply indebted to the Wealthy Affiliate training for my successes.Of course I learned to make a website at WA and I learned how to promote it in social media and online.Recently, like last week, I sold a very big ticket item and made a lot of thousands of dollars. True.I took all of
By golly I've been busy! I just made $43,153 in a couple of days without doing any work!Over 2 days I earned $35,842 in affiliate payments from Omnia Investments and $7,311 in commission payments this week from Lazy Trader App. Last week wasn't as good, I only got $6,133 from 'Guaranteed Money Systems'. Like I said I didn't need to do any all! In fact I didn't even start an account, or read or write any reviews, or place any bets or listings. I did nothing!Now before you race over t
A lot of people think the free websites we give out here at WA are a lesser quality product. It's just one of those human misconceptions that free stuff is junk. They think that siterubix free sites are incapable of capturing organic search.WRONG!Organic traffic is following the trail you leave them. Or , looking at it from another angle, you are capturing traffic by providing what they search for.It is said that people don't like to see weird TLDs like .siterubix and that they all prefer .co
If you are an Affiliate working within a niche that needs to consider tax time. Well who isn't really? Then it's time to start leveraging the tax time market. Just like you campaign for Mothers Day, Christmas and all those other calendar events, where you amp up your audience. Tax is a Calendar Event. All Calendar Events are a chance to promote.Tax time is never as much fun as Black Friday and Halloween, I'll admit. But if your niche is 'Standing Desks' or any products relating to running a bus
I came across this press release recently for a new affiliate program in the fashion niche that may be worth your attention.What makes this one a little different is that you can get paid commission by buying through your own affiliate link. Here's what they say...."SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- When it comes to trendy and contemporary fashions Trendsgal is the place to shop. The company stocks a huge catalog of the latest fashions. Unlike other fashion e-commerce sites, Trendsg
The Internet is a funny thing, except when you don’t have it!Here is a few ideas to keep up your website momentum next time your signal drops out. When you are back online these tips will help to speed up your output.Organise image files on your computer into logical folders with file names for fast retrieval later.Create a list of post ideas in Google Docs offline which you can refer to if ever you get stuck for content ideas. Write up any researched articles into a new Google Docs offli
OUCH! So, a few months ago a friendly WA person offered for me/us to use their WA promotional vimeo videos on our websites ( for free.) They were cute and fun and informative and I was weak for a short cut. So I sprinkled the videos in appropriate places around my bootcamp website.Well, yesterday I was updating an old post and found this image where the vimeo used to be. I've since been reviewing all entries and removing this ugly black image. Darn.If you have used the same cartoon style videos
Quantum Code wants to give me $6874.32. They keep emailing me to say I just need to verify my account details so that my referral fees can be deposited.Trouble is...I've never heard of Quantum Code. Have you reviewed this entity?I'm worried about virus in the email.Thanks for your thoughts. J
Hi guys, I'm looking for your honest reporting on the business known as Freelancer com.I am compiling opinions for a review.Has your experience been positive? Is it a good opportunity to earn online? You are welcome to PM me with your thoughts or drop a few lines in the box below.I look forward to hearing your views.Thanks from Janelle.
I’m an internet marketer.I live on a boat and mostly run my business from wherever the boat is. We are currently making a slow passage up the east coast of Australia. An important stop for me on this journey was always going to be the Whitsunday Islands. They are the premier sail and dive grounds of eastern Australia and the jump off point to the spectacular Great Barrier Reef.We arrived in a blow. A big blow. Winds were reaching 25 knots as we dropped anchor in the south corner of Whiteh