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This past year has been a major change and adjustment for me, as I became a mother for the first time in March of 2017. As much as I have been enjoying the first year of motherhood, with it came putting my online business on the back burner.An infant can surely test your patience, and make it next to impossible to get solid work done - especially when you have one that is a horrible sleeper! (at 11 months old she is still not sleeping through the night) -Insert baby pic for cuteness-However,
March 26, 2017
Hey everyone, I wanted to shoot a quick update to share that the newest addition to my family has arrived - Amelia Jane! She was born on March 16, weighing 9 lbs 14 oz and 22 inches longShe is super sweet! I am a first time mom so adjusting has been kinda crazy but I am so fortunate I can work at home and be with her all day. <3
I realize how hard it can be to come up with niche ideas as a beginner, but the more you immerse yourself within the field of online marketing the more you'll realize that niches are everywhere and seemingly endless. Before I begin, let me give a shout to Steve (IveTriedThat) and his training from last year: covers some amazing niches and it's worth checking out. Like Steve, I have also used Google Trends and Jaaxy to uncover popularity and
If you want to continue to grow your business, you should be consistently working on it. But if you have an older website you don’t update or check as often, you should at the VERY least be logging in from time to time to make sure everything is still running smoothly, and things like themes, plugins and WordPress itself is all up to date. (Or hire someone to do this!!!)Well I am guilty of not keeping up on things like I should have been with one of my websites... and guess what happened?
Website comments... the importance of these can't be stressed enough. WA even developed the website comments platform to help people get more engagement on their sites (and it's totally awesome, by the way!)But what makes comments so valuable? They may lead to more content and better rankings, but did you know the benefits extend far beyond that?Website comments can increase sales!It’s true! Obviously you can take advantage and use your replies to nudge traffic to your sales funnel, but t
I just got back a few days ago from the Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas. I know maybe you’re all already sick of hearing about the Vegas trip but being my first time I really would like to share my experience.Balcony view from Kyle and Carson's Skyloft! Beautiful!Attending was a huge deal for me because I don’t normally branch out from my comfort zone, and I was honestly pretty nervous going in. But, I knew this was an opportunity that would be stupid to pass up just because
As I sit here checking out flights to VEGAS I am honored to tell you all that I will be attending the Las Vegas Conference with all the awesome super successful WA members this coming January! I can't tell you enough how greatful and honored I am to recieve this opportunity, and how generous it is of Kyle and Carson to do this. I've been a member here for the past 3 years, but many people may not know me. To be honest, I've been sitting on the backburner of the WA community for quite some time
This year went much more smoothly than last year in terms of my online business and my personal life. Overall, it was a pretty OK year. Last year when I wrote my 2013 wrap up, I had stated at the end my goal for 2014 was to grow another 300%. While I didn’t quite reach 300%, I did achieve 270% growth which I don’t think is anything to be ashamed about! Let’s recap how 2014 went... This year, I actually had a previous year to compare, so it will give a better basis as to what type of growt
As some of you may know, I have a tall girl's fashion blog. It was my first website I ever made here at Wealthy Affiliate, and now at over a year later it is still doing great. I haven't been updating it like I should have, but good things are still happening... I was contacted by one of the most popular tall women's clothing stores and asked if I could review a few of their clothing pieces for my blog. They let me pick whatever items I wanted and sent them completely free! This is so exciting
Youtube... it can be a scary place. It's one of those aspects of online marketing I know a lot of people here are very hesitant to get started with. I was pretty scared for a long time.. but I realized using YouTube can really expand your reach and help your brand, so I just forced myself to get over it. It was a bit of a struggle for me since I suffer from social anxiety, and putting myself "out there" is beyond my comfort zone. (Blogging was initially something I wasn't comfortable with eithe