I own a window and siding company in Michigan. People hate these 3 hour high pressure pitches at the kitchen table. I know that I could do a good short presentation on line (either by webinar or video) that would inform and give fair pricing idea on these products. I want to be able to set more appointments and have my potential clients already feel that they know me and feel comfortable with me. Is this possible with video or webinar? Which of the 2 is more powerful? Plus I could generate leads 24 hours a day couldn't I?
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StevePotts Premium Plus
I agree with Leoemery; video is the way to go. I will have a small gutter cleaning business in CT, (www.cleanguttersnewhaven.com) and I make before and after videos of jobs we do and have begun experimenting with using them in my marketing.
nathaniell Premium Plus
It sounds like you have a great idea here. I'm looking into buying some real estate, and everyone I talk to says, "watch out for contractors". I think you could use this system not only for your own business, but to develop a digital product for Clickbank or similar site. I would pay $50 for something that could save me 5,000.
leoemery Premium
Adding to what Carson has said - Video is the way to go - I would not do webinars - people are always trying to find time to do things and really the last thing they would want to do is attend a webinar.

As a consumer I am always looking for honesty and a good deal. You mentioned providing information about how not to get ripped off

"I can show people how not to get tricked into paying $1500.00 for a $450.00 window or $12.00 per square foot of siding when it should be $4.50"

I would have that on your website - people would be more inclined to give up their info (If you are capturing contact info) to see this video that shows them how to save money - plus giving them valuable knowledge which protects them from being taken advantage of.

Once they see your video it's the natural intention for most people to contact you when they are ready to move forward- you have started building the relationship of Know, Like and Trust.

Also if you need a hand with setting up a YouTube page or have any video questions don't hesitate to ask.

WebMaestros Premium
Thank You Leo. My friends in this business say that all I would do is educate my competitors to do the same thing.My feeling is that the home improvement business breeds blood sucking vampires that want to make 150%--300% on a job instead of a fair 25--30%. Then when people want to shop or think about the offer--that is when these guys all of a sudden has this big 40% discount that they "may be can get cleared from the office" All their doing is buying the job back with peoples own money that they wanted to over charge.
I truly teach people how to quickly determine the true performance and money value of a product by asking just 4 key question of the sales person. When the sales person get hit with these 4 question their face turns beet red because they now know that their in front of someone that they can't trick with BS. My system is so good that it may lead them to a different company that may have a better product for them that I cannot get. That is ok because I still win--often times these home owners are so grateful they still end up sending me referrals anyway.
What I am trying to do is AUTOMATE AND LEVERAGE my ability to give product presentations and "close as possible pricing" hoping people will connect with me and invite me out to their home for the final bid. If it works I would have a 24hr sales system working for me and all I have to do is drive traffic to my website.

The next question is CAN I GET ENOUGH LOCAL TRAFFIC TO INCREASE MY SALES? I will drive 80 miles in a circle around my office if need be.
I am hoping that I can effectively learn local marketing from WA

Final note --yesterday my system saved a family over $10,000.00 dollars from being ripped off by one of our TV advertising home window companies. Plus I gave them a better product.
leoemery Premium
Absolutely go for it - there is no reason you cannot dominate your local market - do it right and you will be the go to guy for this.

Carson Premium Plus
No one wants to sit down face to face and get "pitched" anything. They are going to want to have a look at what you offer in their own time. This is a limitation of doing a Webinar, it requires the people to actually meet at a time that is set by YOU.

Here is one strategy you could use.

Have people visit your website an opt-in to your mailing list. You can get any details about them that you wish, including their name, telephone number, etc. After they fill in their details, you can forward them to a page where you have a video presentation for them.

This way, you can send people to your website and ask them to fill out some information and get access to your presentation. You could upload the presentation to Vimeo.com or Youtube.com and make it look quite professional.

You will need:

1 - a website
2 - an autoresponder (optional)
3 - a video

The Autoresponder part is totally optional. You could simply send people to your website and offer the presentation on a page they can get to. The bonus to having the opt-in form is that you can gather their details, provide a follow-up phone call, and contact them via email with further information about your business.

If you are wanting to do personalized video's to clients, then you could also do this by adding each video on it's on page and direct each individual to their respective page and video.

There are lots of ways you can do this.

How does this sound?

WebMaestros Premium
Thank You Carson for the insight. I want to do to the home improvement industry what you and Kyle have done to internet marketing. Make it good and make it honest.
I am good at what I do----I have always felt that I could do a great online presentation on what I sell and give home owners an honest price range that they can count on. The high pressure guys tell me "ARE YOU NUTS--THE SALE IS DONE AT THE TABLE RIGHT NOW WITH PRESSURE AND OFFERING ALL OF THESE PHONY 40--50% DISCOUNTS. My answer is BS. The question is can I revolutionize the way windows and siding ect is sold and I think I can. I can show people how not to get tricked into paying $1500.00 for a $450.00 window or $12.00 per square foot of siding when it should be $4.50. I know the process will take longer but I think I will get more opt-ins for appointments and when they meet me the price will be the same --no bate and switch techniques.
Carson with Jay's new local marketing webinar i want to greatly increase my traffic to my site--I want to dominate my area and I want people to have access to video's on product and pricing hoping they will then want to meet me and give me a chance of making them a satisfied customer.
I hate doing all the home mod shows and all the door to door canvassing.Is it possible that your local marketing program can help in that endeavor of getting a good number of people to view my site or am I asking to much of it.
reefswimmer Premium
What a great idea ! I really love it that your posting concentrates on benefits to your customers, not just on how much extra money you might make this way. I'll bet you can make a terrific video, keeping your customers in mind.

For practical purposes, is there that much difference between webinar and video? To me, the big one is that a webinar is often done live and then replayed. And i guess from the customer's POV, a video might---just might---imply something more polished and tightly organized (a plus, I think.)

And of course, people can play the video (or webinar) straight from your website. You can put it on YouTube. You can write an article for your local paper and mention that the video can be played on your website or on YouTube. You can burn it onto DVDs and give them to people. On and on . Good stuff.

You want the video to be as evergreen as possible. Pricing goes up and down (mostly up these days !) for a variety of reasons. I don't know about your particular circumstance, but you might want to refer people to your website or your actual physical store if you have one, for current pricing. Likewise the newest products. Maybe a more general idea on your video. And what they are getting for their money. And how to avoid scams. All the stuff you have probably learned super-well by your years in business.

I for one would love to learn about a product from a well-organized video, before i sit down with a salesperson/installer. I do check the internet to learn all i can before a major purchase.
WebMaestros Premium
Thank You for your input --it has given me some great ideas. I have been in this business over 40 years and I have designed a simple way of giving people "empowered information" that stops them from being over charged. Example--paying 1500.00 dollars for a window that should go for 450.00. siding that is forced on people for 12.00 per square foot that should go for 4.50 per square foot. Same holds true for roofing--doors--sun rooms ect. I would love to be able to have home owners come to a website and get the real information and price on what a particular product was designed for. If the viewer takes a liking to me they can fill out a request form for an appointment and I would then be delighted to further educate them and possibly gain another satisfied client. Home Improvement sales people have horrible reputations on how they pressure and over price. My intention is to automate the product information and pricing all through my internet site. It would allow me to present to more home owners 24 hours --7 days a week and they can look at it on their schedule.I believe I could increase sales significantly.
Again thank you for your great advice.