Just disapproved 4 site comments - Anyone still bother to use this?

Last Update: January 29, 2017

I'm about to give up on Site Comments, unless things improve soon. I just disapproved 4 comments:

  1. A duplicate comment from same user, a system error
  2. Another site feedback comment instead of proper site comment on the content
  3. A general comment about my website general, unrelated to the actual post
  4. A 'praise' comment complementing my post but very clear that the post was not actually read because it made sense in the context of the content.

Does anyone still find the Site Comments feature useful?

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Defiant6 Premium
I still use site comments quite often and I have occasionally ran into the issues you have, but it is rare. It works very well for me because I haven't yet gotten to a point where I'm getting organic comments on a consistent basis yet.
Loes Premium
I think Kyle and Carson would be wise to add a pop-up with explicit info about what is expected. I visit this thread less than I used to do
jvranjes Premium
I stopped using it more than 4 months ago. no time and nerves for this.
brandonacox Premium
I wrestle with that too. I only want to leave a comment once I've clicked through and read the article. Once I do that, the tool as-built becomes pointless.