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I'm about to give up on Site Comments, unless things improve soon. I just disapproved 4 comments:A duplicate comment from same user, a system errorAnother site feedback comment instead of proper site comment on the contentA general comment about my website general, unrelated to the actual postA 'praise' comment complementing my post but very clear that the post was not actually read because it made sense in the context of the content.Does anyone still find the Site Comments feature useful?
Anyone curious about Jonathan Leger latest product launch called Keyword Canine 3.0? I have decided to take the lifetime membership and try it out for the initial 30 days guarantee. I thought I would do a brief comparison of the main differences between Keyword Canine and Jaaxy for those of you who are curious, and save you having to try it out for yourself.Price and cost comparison:Currently there are some launch specials running, so it’s hard to compare. But based on what the website c
I have been a bit busy lately and have not been working on my affiliate bootcamp site for a while. So I was quite surprised when checked in on my page rank, and saw that I'm now ranking on page 1 of Google for 2 of my targeted keywords (position 5 & 8 at the moment). I wanted to share this with anyone who might be having doubts if you're not seeing results in the beginning. My 1st site is a bit all over the place and I changed direction a few times, but over time my rankings kept improving
One of my Google alerts let me on to the Traffic Elixir product launch, an auto post Google+ Communities plugin (to put it in a nutshell). About same time, Jay did a Wabinar on using Google+ Communities the right way for generating traffic. This promoted me to so some investigation. It was really interesting when I reviewed Traffic Elixir sales page and video demo, and compared it to the WA training. It goes against almost every principal that Jay taught in the training video, like evaluating
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One of my Google alerts pointed me to an announcement by call center company 3C Contact Services. I did a quick bit of research, and I think this is going to make things even worse in terms of the aggressive up-sell tactics that Empower Network is known for. I also noted that they provide client retention services. I can't imagine the problems it will cause it they are going to make it harder fro people to leave the EN. I know from personal experience how these client retention calls work, fr
Any tech people out there, I need some help. I finally got one of my review pages to rank (page 4 only), but my initial delight was short lived when I checked my SERP in Jaaxy, and noticed something usual. The best way to describe this is to actually show it with some screen shots.Here is what thepreview snippet looks like when I edit my post: Which is OK - it has the keyword in the title and url.But here is what shows up in Google: This is my first website and I'm still learning to use Wordp
So I'm being a bit controversial with my heading :-) But this is a question I had to ask myself, if I'm going to encourage other people to join. I think the continued training is very valuable already, but I underestimated the value of having unlimited hosted websites with the website builder. I just received a email from a promotion for another affiliate site building service. Take a look at the pricing and compare to what WA Premium has to offer: I have no idea what kind of training the
I upgraded to premium on the Black Friday deal last year. I told myself I should commit to a year of focus, and re-programing what I’ve learnt from various “gurus”. Turns out that is harder than I expected. Overcoming shiny object syndrome is not that simple. I had to purge my email inbox and unsubscribe from many emails. But every once in a while, some email would sneak in from a list that I have not yet removed myself from, with all the right words like “push button”, “automat
I have been wanting to use my own domain, instead of the Siterubix sub-domains, for a while now. But I have been putting it off because I did not feel comfortable with technical terms like DNS & name servers. I am happy to report that today I just dove straight into it, and with the training provided it took only a couple of minutes to set up! This is a small victory compared to what other members are already capable of, but an important one for me. I have now have my own domain and websi