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About CommentsSiteComment Requests - on Your Website.com Have Been Stopped

My heart stopped when I read this. Wouldn’t yours?

Site Comments are an essential part of SEO ranking and marketing.

I read it late at night, was a bit tired and maybe not thinking properly.

A hot stuffy night did not make sleeping easy and worrying about my comment requests being blocked did not stop worrying me.

I had imagined a blocked account and the finish of my journey to my business empire.

Early next morning, with a feeling of dread and a sleep deprivation head-ache, I opened my account.

Site comments I had requested within 7 to 14 days had not all been fulfilled so Tech Support had returned the unused credits.


You cannot imagine (or perhaps you can,) what I had imagined was the problem.

They suggested I look at spreading the period of time out somewhat, perhaps 30, 60 or 90 days to allow time for requested comments to be fulfilled and allow for a greater variety and better quality of comments.

Now my problem is this: How do I judge if I should request the comments within 14 / 30 / 60 /or 90 days.

  • What is the ideal and does it vary depending on the type of content being reviewed?
  • What is the perfect combination to get the best quality of comments?
  • 10 comments in 30 days?
  • 5 comments in 7 days?
  • Anyone got any experience or good ideas for an algorithm to calculate this?

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Thanks for making the ones like myself aware of this occurrence. I am sure the answer will soon be showing up (commented on).

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Rog.
Hoping it can be of help to someone.

I have had the same experience as you, it seems to have happened since some of the new upgrades to the wa program where put in place.

Thanks Wayne. I was wondering the same. See Defiant6 reply.

I'm beginning to think there is something else wrong with SiteComments. I already found a bug that Carson acknowledged and fixed in regards to getting private messages from the TheWA Team about cancelled requests, specifically, something that kept causing a loop and those messages repeatedly being sent out.

I used to get comments pretty quickly from the 1 or 2 that I would normally request, but over time I've noticed it has taken longer and longer to receive comments and after resending out a request a few days ago to receive comments from one of my most recent posts (to be spread out over 7 days), I still haven't received any. On a second request, I spread it out over 14 days now, but I fear that I still won't receive any. It is starting to get a little frustrating considering I do give as many comments as I’m able to, especially to help build up credits to request more in the future. It sounds like more and more people are running into this problem too.

Thanks Brian.
I was wondering about something similar because when I do comments for others, I often find the same articles popping up again and again. My category selection is very wide and I have ticked a lot of boxes.
I wonder if there is a bug in the categorisation section and people are not getting to see the suggested sites?

I think is the summer holidays and most people are not that active, hence the reason for comments shortage. Is good for your articles to have at least 3 to 5 comments initially, and then you can spread them out.

Depending on the amount of articles you have would determine the right number. But overall getting 10 to 15 comments a week on your site is a realistic number. Joe's suggestion is a good formula.

Thanks Bishop.
Some articles get comments very quickly. Others take much longer.
I never ask for more than 5 comments in a 7 day period, and then request comments on 4 or 5 articles.
They do come in eventually.

Peony fireworks pattern!

WOW. Is that copyright Free, Mike?

Uniiversal attributed image Peony!

Thanks Mike

I believe the rules are for the members' benefit. If your site never got comment and suddenly receive 20 comments in one day, that is suspicious to Google. I would recommend to go slow initially, may be limit to one or two per day and gradually increase the request.


Thanks Joe.
I think you are right.
I did not see an option for getting comments in 1 day. I saw 7 / 14 / 30 / 60 days.
Maybe it is a good idea to ask for several comments on several articles and spread them over 30 days.
What do you think?

I have been waiting for comment some time too but not that long.

Thanks Elizabeta,
What time limit did you put? I had some for 7 days and some for 14 days. I think the longer period is better.
For example: ask for 10 comments in 30 days. They get spread out a bit and you are more likely to get all the comments.
Ask for 10 in 7 days and you probably won't get them all.

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