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Just made the 50 comments and now I am certified. Everything else has gone by the board, been subjected to writing comments.I have really tried to write intelligent supportive, intelligently considered comments soI really hope it has made people happy.Comments must slip from the throne now.Content needs attention and all that techy stuff that is constantly needing a eye cast over it and a tweak there and here.Good luck if you are attempting the big 50. It gets difficult when there are no commen
October 06, 2018
I am not quite sure what is happening. This is a first.I saw the "Comment Boost" and thought "great! Just what I need."then I attempted to offer some comments.Oh No! "No comments needed at the moment, Try again in a few minutes."WOW! I have never seen that before.So I waited and tried every 5 minutes and found a couple of really brilliant website articles.You have done it again WA and hit the nail on the head. Now we are all rushing to get our 10 comments in. LOL brilliant.Not sure what I am ta
Cooking up a storm,Wealthy affiliate courses are the ingredients.You add: the hard workthe beliefthe dedicationhard worka little twist of good luckYou have the recipe for success.Follow the recipe.Include ALL ingredients.Cook carefullyuntill your meal is a success.Then RepeatRepeatRepeatEnjoy the sweet taste of your own success.
July 11, 2018
About CommentsSiteComment Requests - on Your Have Been Stopped My heart stopped when I read this. Wouldn’t yours? Site Comments are an essential part of SEO ranking and marketing. I read it late at night, was a bit tired and maybe not thinking properly. A hot stuffy night did not make sleeping easy and worrying about my comment requests being blocked did not stop worrying me. I had imagined a blocked account and the finish of my journey to my business empire. Early next
Historic Royal PalacesProbably the wedding of the certury took place today. It will never be repeated. It is unique in that it did not follow the usual protocols.A future King has married a foreigner, a non royal, invited unusual guests, believes in peace and happiness more than pomp and tradition. I think this royal couple will connect with the people much more than previous royal couples.They will not eat cake while others starve.In a small town with narrow streets there is an enormous ancien
May 15, 2018
Watering EyeballsSwimming without goggles,Racing along the highway with the wind and the dust in your face, and no goggles.Staring out to sea in the heat of the summer sun, no sunglasses,In the Sahara in a sandstorm. Facing the sand,Staring at a computer monitor for hours without a break.Which would you do, without goggles or a break? All the money in the world cannot replace your health and YOU are the only you that you have. Take care of your eyes, give them a break, rinse with cold water
May 11, 2018
How Can I Be the Best Success Can Be Dangerous Some people are so willing to take risks that they fail in 4 out of 5 things they do. Ah But! That means they succeed in 1 out of 5. Is this crazy? Well I think that is something that is very subjective. It depends on how scared we are of failing or getting things wrong. The Bad Side. Making mistakes can feel painful and scary. The Good Side. We know that although the latest project is a catastrophe, it is one step nearer to the
Is Affiliate Marketing the Steam Engine of our Age. Flint Bronze Industrial revolution Steam age Guns Telephone Submarines Radio Television Flying Computers Internet Mobile Phones Virtual Reality Not a true time-line but a taste of what I think is relevant to the internet. These are just a few of the major developments in recent history which have changed the way society has unfolded. The age of the internet, and the fast communication it has given us, is not over or complete. We are in the
How Long Does It Take to Make Money with Wealthy AffiliateThis seems to be a recurring question that people ask,coming both from community members and “interested” people. It crops up incomments on the websites.Answers I have given in the past have ranged from:“I don’t know.”“how long is a piece of string?”“It depends on the knowledge you have / knowledge you learnand how much time you can study and how good a niche you choose and……&
You’re your they’re their there hear here and Beer.I know the English language can be challenging and here’s the nub: It can be downright confusing at times.A really good English teacher, friend of mine has developeda few sentences to help people understand the difference between words Pronounced the sameSpelt differently.Do you ever wonder which “where” to “wear”?Has their there ever tripped of your tongue and into thespell check hell?Tarry no more, (t