3 step checklist to see if you're going to be successful in WA.

Last Update: March 11, 2017

So uncertainty is a big player in this game and I find it hits people a lot who join WA. Whether it be their niche, their site, their content and wondering if they'll be successful.

It is especially common for first timers who are going through this process to understand how it actually goes. Building a website in aims to have it bring a full time income can frankly be a scary thought when you don't know how the system works, thus we naturally make up obstacles that make sense to us, but to those people who are uncertain if they're headed in the right direction in WA, let me give you a 3 point checklist, and frankly, when ANYONE asks me about if they're headed in the right direction, I always ask these 3 things:

1) Have you selected a niche and if so, is it one you love? If the answer is yes, proceed to #2. If you have questions about it it's success potential, if it can work, ect..., I'll provide a link to a page here on WA where you can ask that.

2) Are you following the training? And by the I mean either the Online Certification Course or Bootcamp? And when I say following, i don't mean BLAZING through it, I really mean following, reading every lesson, understanding the importance of that lesson, asking questions, understanding the point of all this...

3) Are you doing THE TASKS? Every single lesson in every single level of WA's main training has a task bar for you to complete to officially finish the lesson. By doing every task in the training, you are in essence completing the training and actually doing proven things to build your site.

If you answered yes to all 3 things I just listed, then you ARE going in the right direction and should continue to push forward. Then one common "rebuttal" I'll get is this:

"But my site isn't pretty".

Worry not, pretty sites don't bring in the traffic, sites that follow the WA training do and they are often not pretty, mind included.

And as for other worries, if you still have them, ask about them here:


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mijareze Premium
Thank you. Well done...
TomasB Premium
These 3 points are definitely something that the new members need to keep in mind, but I've been here over a year and I also appreciate your emphasis of staying focused, following the training, and actually completing the tasks. Have a good week
rich6153 Premium
Thank you so much. This is a great reminder for all.
Twillmon34 Premium
Doug-A Premium
I am doing all 3. What got me really motivated was helping other WA members move forward. Following the golden rule that you see in my blog. Also getting my priorities straight by working on website and certification first and taking time to help others more thoroughly. God Bless, Doug