I've Come Far But Not as Far as I'd Like

Last Update: October 30, 2014

Just updating where I am and where I've been. I'm at the end of course 2.

I'd like tell you about my progress so far.

I seem to be spending way too much time looking for images that I can put on my website and finding ones that aren't quite right.

I seem to be getting distracted by the comings and going of the WA community which is nice, interesting distraction. I love to read about the progress everyone has made and their individual stories. I am determined not to be distracted for long. Don't get me wrong I'm really enjoying being here but I can see the mountain of work that needs to be done to add quality content to my website.

I've learnt heaps so far I've had some questions but I have had difficulty knowing how to phrase the question to get the answer I need. I haven't tried live chat yet but I will.

I feel like I am moving forward although not as quickly as I want to I want to run!

I've just done the google+ stuff and am not sure I've done it properly so I need to revisit that sometime soon. i'm also not sure how I feel about having my face pop up on the search results.

I seem to be writing and writing when all I really want to do is go out in my garden.

I am starting to think about all the things know I want to learn and wondering when that will come.

I know my achievements have been considerable in just a couple of weeks but I still want more. Now I'm seeing the Go ahead and add some tags and I'm think I don't know how or what a tag should look like!

I read an interesting quote while out and about with my other full time job which was:

"The Choices we make not the chances we take determine our destiny"

I know that's pretty true and over the years I have made some life changing choices but I think I'd really like to take a chance on this but I'd really like to do it right.

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snrholt Premium
It doesn't happen all at once, does it. I bet your business didn't either. I can see that there are two more posts, so I feel cofident you keep tightening the circle of knowledge around to the fulfilling of your objective.
hmasters Premium
Vicki, I have had a lot of the same struggles you are having. Initially one hates to just keep taking and not returning with efforts to help others. Here is what I think can help you.
Only you know how much time daily you can devote to WA efforts. Write that and all of the rest of your plan down and look at it daily.
With that amount of time decide AHEAD OF TIME how you need to divide it up to be the most productive(not just the busiest) Allot that time and adhere to your schedule strictly. It is very easy to get side tracked with very interesting and helpful but not productive things.
You can change your priorities any night but not during your working time. Evaluate once per week and revise as needed. Study each lesson thoroughly and be sure you understand it well before starting the next. You will save time in the long run. When you need help ask for it. After you are further along you can begin trying to be helpful by answering other's requests for help. DO NOT let yourself get sidetracked with interesting but non productive things at this stage.
Best wishes to you. Enjoy the journey.
VickiB Premium
Thanks Harold
iceskater20 Premium
Hi VikiB, I feel similarly. I am just finishing up level 2 and hope to start level 3 on Monday. The content building has been a lot of work but I knew going in this is where I would spend my time. So take heart, I think it will move faster as we go. As for looking for images, here's a little trick I've learned. Simply "Google" something like this, "Free pictures and clip art for..." Many of the pictures that come up are free and you can spot the ones that aren't because they will have an imprint across the image showing that it belongs to someone.

I want to move faster too and am setting a goal to have this first website here done by the end of November. Then, I'll repeat the process. Hang in there, it will get easier and just know that content building takes the most time. Best wishes on moving forward!
VickiB Premium
Thanks for the encouragement my goal is very similar - end of November then do another maybe choose something that hasn't got soooo much info next time although I think I have found a fair bit of low hanging fruit - look at that I sound like an expert.
CarlaIves Premium
You're doing very well. To quote my very wise mentor here: It's a marathon, not a spring. Just keep moving forward!
Moonrock2 Premium
You are making progress! That really counts!