Last Update: February 27, 2015

I received an email today consisting of a court summons complete with paper clip to fool the unwary. Obviously I deleted this straight away, and I advise anyone receiving such things to do the same.

If I'd have opened the paper clip, I would doubtless have been infected with a p.c. trojan. This is a known issue, but I've not seen this particular one in the U.K.

Apparently it originates from a server in the U.S.A, and as there are a lot of people within WA who live there, please be aware.

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seesy62 Premium
I got my share of this a few times- thanks for the warning
veteran Premium
Yes Sam, it really is a problem. As I said earlier, this is a new one on me here in the U.K. , although there are plenty of others. Any genuine correspondence from the courts, the police even the F.B.I. and Interpol - I've seen all of those - would be by letter, never email.
ShirleyWoon Premium
Thank you so much for the heads up Alastair.

I've had my share of trojans in the past where someone had opened one and it's form of infection was to send out the same message using every email address saved in my address book. I had opened one that was from a known personal friend. The only difference is their name would not appear in the content.

It took years to get this to finally stop. After many years of the same trojans coming back into my inbox, I finally realized the only thing we can do is to cancel our infected email and start a new one, AND advice everyone we know to do the same.

Now I never save any contact address. My advice is to save your personal contacts email address if you must, into a word document and keep it out of cyber space.

Be safe from cyber attacks...God bless,
veteran Premium
I do sympathise with you Shirley and anyone else who may have been tricked by these things. I don't have the full name of the email as I deleted it immediately and further deleted it from my p.c. This one however is particularly dangerous, as it has been known to clean out people's bank accounts. It seems like there's no end to these things designed to take advantage of people's curiosity. However, it is imperative that we don't click - on to these emails, as there seems to be little chance of redress for the hapless victim.
ShirleyWoon Premium
Really? Wow.... Alastair, thank you for that warning.

I don't think I'll ever get into that situation tho' as:
No.1 Don't have any money to clean out.
No.2 Never curious about strange emails that has no business being there.
No.3 Set up any number of email addresses dedicated to certain interests. e.g: my WA Training courses. So all emails in my inbox will be about WA, period, or connected to WA business.

That was a particularly distressing time when that trojan thing happened, and I even lost friends. That was about 15 years ago. I've since learnt how to protect myself and my friends from these horrible things by not sending emails to them if at all possible.

Now we have mobile phones, and can text with less dangers. Then there's twitter, facebook etc, etc. I've myself not taken to using all these wonderful applications yet but will eventually learn how to use them....will have to if I'm going to get anywhere.

Thank you again Alastair, I do realize this is one long ramble about trojans, but if one person can be saved, its worth it
Again, God bless, Shirley
dhayman Premium
Thanks. Have received these also.
GWaldron Premium
Thanks for the heads up. I will be aware.
danbarth87 Premium
Thanks for the warning!