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September 09, 2015
I'll be leaving WA for a while when my subscription expires. I may be back but only time will tell. Kind regards to you all.
February 27, 2015
I received an email today consisting of a court summons complete with paper clip to fool the unwary. Obviously I deleted this straight away, and I advise anyone receiving such things to do the same. If I'd have opened the paper clip, I would doubtless have been infected with a p.c. trojan. This is a known issue, but I've not seen this particular one in the U.K. Apparently it originates from a server in the U.S.A, and as there are a lot of people within WA who live there, please be aware.
December 18, 2014
As one or two members have shown an interest in my forays into the stick - making world, I thought I would write about one that I'm in the process of making. The shank is Hazel, and the handle is English Elm, a very hard, durable wood that should give many years service. I'm using Asian Water Buffalo Horn for the collar, a popular horn for use in stick - making. Although to some eyes, Elm may appear rather bland, it is one of my favourite woods. The fact that a huge amount of mature Elms succu
October 24, 2014
No doubt many people here at WA can find themselves wondering about writing content. "What on Earth can I write about that some people may find interesting ? " I thought this earlier today when I was spending some time in my workshop in my back garden where I make and repair various things. In some ways it is my little bit of heaven. Among other things, I have three Record vices that were made in Sheffield, England, probably some time in the 1950's., all of
October 21, 2014
I was going for a walk the other day along the bank of the Trent and Mersey canal which is a few yards from my home. I didn't get far however, when I saw a couple of police officers walking towards me. As they got closer, the helicopter of the Air Ambulance took off from a field by the other side of the canal. As it flew off in the direction of the North Staffs. Hospital, I was filled with a feeling of dread for the casualty. The police officers explained that someone had suffered an i
September 27, 2014
I wonder how many of us fall for the selling point that the more expensive an item is, then it must be better than a cheaper one ? Does price always represent quality ? We've all seen items that are exactly the same, yet are being sold at differing prices. Perhaps many here have bought items that have proven to be an expensive disappointment. Others may feel that they have bought a bargain. How can we be sure that items we are recommending via our affiliate programmes are going to be
September 17, 2014
Being part Scottish, I am taking more than a passing interest in Scotland's quest for independence. Whether this is good for Scotland I couldn't say. Maybe we'll know soon enough. My Scottish ancestors originated in Normandy, and came to England in the 12th. century, some of whom settled in Scotland c 1162 A.D. This morning, I visited the ruined castle at Chartley, a hamlet a few miles from my home in Staffordshire. It was in the manor house next to the castle where Mary, Queen o