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Last Update: Jun 1, 2018

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So... You Want to Make Money Online...

I got off an amazing webinar with Bo Tipton's WAGG; I've missed several due to my schedule, so it was nice to be reconnected. For those who don't already know it, Bo Tipton is a genius! He really knows his stuff, and doesn't sugarcoat anything! His training is phenomenal and only enhances what we learn on this platform.

There are just two tips to making money online. Yes...just two. You ready? Here we go:

1) Have something to sell.

2) Sell something that people want.

Too simplistic for you? I know, we sometimes want the fireworks, but often times, it's the simplest whispers that pack the powerful punch!

The "Secret" That You Can Share...Without Feeling Guilty

Be consistent. Period. How consistent have you been? The answer to that question will determine your results.

Need another visual to get you moving...

Your car stalls... stops, then stalls again... you need a jump start... in some cases, you need to push the car to get it rolling. But if you start to push, you gotta keep pushing it, you can't stop and start again. Same thing with exercising, going through training, building anything from scratch, or anything that requires a certain amount of effort. It takes more energy to stop and start again than it does to just keep moving forward. Consistency.

So... You Know the Secret... Now What?

- Get an email list going

- Create a Capture Page

- Create an eBook

On average, about 25% of your subscribers will open and read your email, so create an eBook that gets their attention...then Promote, Promote, Promote!!!

How can you promote!? Use social media! In the words of CraigO:

"Hashtags will increase your impressions and spread your message further."

Disclaimer: The views expressed are a summary of what I learned from Bo Tipton's webinar.
I am, in no way discouraging anyone to discontinue anything that you are already doing.

Strive to Thrive,


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Recent Comments


Thanks for the summary...love when something as overwhelming as online business is put into simple terms. It keeps us focused.

Yes, taking those baby steps and tiny bites really do make a difference, Debbie.

Great post

Thank you, Steven.

Hi Veronica,

Absolutely. Cold starts are the worst. It's best to try to do a little each day. Stopping and starting is a good way of explaining it. Once you lose the momentum, it's not easy to restart. Been there, done that, lol. I think I'm freezing, lol. But, I do very much like what was said about the subscribers and their emails. Very, interesting.

Great post and thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it.


It's interesting, but I really can't think of anything that would be better to stop and start again, as opposed to doing it consistently, even if you're moving at a slow pace. Can you? I'm sure there's something, I just can't think of it offhand.

Thanks for your comment, Becky.

Hey you,

Determination, lol.



LOL... you got me, Becky!

Hey, Miss V:

I'm grateful I got you, lol. And If I stay in the cold for too long Veronica - my plane will not fly. So, I'll just have to be consistent at stoking and moving those embers around so that the fire never goes out, so that one day my plan will fly, and I'm hoping that is soon.

Love your writing.


Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for reading, Linda.

Yes. Product and market!


Thanks for sharing Veronica. This is very helpful!

Tried and True


Just sharing what I've learned, Elaine. Glad you found it helpful.

Thanks for sharing. It will take dedication and patience to be successful but it will pay off in the long run. All the best.

Absolutely, Delores.

True, but i wish it was that simple. Sometimes after several tries, when do you stop and decide this is not the right path? Great inspiration though. Thank you.

There are definitely a lot more ingredients that go into developing and growing an online business, Debbie. But sometimes, we just have to stop over-thinking things and get back to the basics. For someone like myself who likes to hoard information, it's great news!

Thanks for reading, Debbie.

Geez, you make it sound so easy! Consistency IS key. That's the most difficult part about it for me, personally. Those starts and stops kill the engine. I think Ineed a new transmission - LOL!!!

Oh, my... a blast from the past!

How have you been, Hal!

So good to see you!

Fine, thanks. Still here... been Ubering to supplement my income. Also, I just recently started a local Meetup group hoping to find a collaborator or two. We'll see how it goes. I'll let you know. Meantime, I think I have at least one blog post due here. Getting right on it!

I've had months this year when I was MIA; life happens. Fortunately, we're able to jump back in whenever time permits.

All the best, Hal.

I've just started looking at some of Bo's training and will be pulling up a lot more--he knows what he's talking about!


He certainly does, Janelle.

All teh best as you continue with the training.

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