Update on Gogetters Mentoring Group

Last Update: January 10, 2018


Well as I said there would I would give you an update on the mentoring group being available to anyone that wants to join.

So here it is "Update"

Okay I gave you an update.

Onward and Upward.

Okay, Okay you want more than that.

After talking with Kyle and taking his advice we figured out a way to make the mentoring group available to anyone that wants to take part in this grand journey. The goal being that a year after you start the journey you are making $1000 a month.

The disclaimer is that I or Wealthy Affiliate had no control over your time or what you do or do not do. As a result I or Wealthy Affiliate can not guarantee that you will be making $1000 a month a year from now.

It depends on what you do or don't do. This will increase the odds if you take the action.

What I can say is that you are going to get exactly what I use and others use to be successful on the Internet.

Contrary to what you may have heard all the training you need is right here on Wealthy Affiliate. As the current members will tell you that from the beginning they had to agree to remain a member for a year to take part in the first group. Didn't matter if they were a monthly member or a yearly member they had to agree to stay a year.

Just as all the current members were told the training is here already. I am not going to redo training that already exist. You will be given links to review training that Kyle has done to get you started.

What the group is going to do is to help you put the training in action. You will learn proven methods that takes what you learned here and helps you put it into action.

We will start at the beginning which is getting your site ready for traffic. Then we will work on getting you traffic. At the same time this is going on we will be working on getting you referrals here at Wealthy Affiliate.

To take part in this journey there will be built in accountability. This is not going to be a let me try it for a week and then take three off. This is going to be taking control of you time training that helps you get more done in less time.

This training will take this from a hobby or something you are trying to a business that you are building.

Remember there are not magic buttons on the Internet. If you make $10,000 a month you will work for it. The people that have told you that you just have to pay them some money and push a couple of buttons and the money will roll in have LIED to you.

Time to move past that and build yourself a business with the help of the training here at Wealthy Affiliate.

What is the time table?

When will it start?

Today is January 10, 2018,. By February 10, 2018, it will be up and running.

I suspect it will be a lot sooner than that but no later than that date.

Anyone that wants to work, learn and build a business you will be able to use this to help you.

The best part is that it will be right here on Wealthy Affiliate Platform for all you that expressed interest to take part in.

Get ready things are changing.

Watch for blog post that have Gogetters in the subject because they will be updates on this project.

It is coming so get ready.

Onward and Upward.

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Pajolizer5 Premium
I had to laptop both got stolen now I walk used to drive but I walk to my career resource center to use theirs and no matter how stuck I get I will reach out to anyone on here for help and guidance
botipton Premium
You can reach out to me and I will help. The project that is coming will also help you. We need to get you making money to get you another laptop.
Pajolizer5 Premium
what project? I'm still hung upon getting my domain name .
MarketMike Premium
This is great news!! Thanks to Bo for taking the time to mentor the masses, thanks to Kyle for broadening the group scope and thanks to all the WA members and employees who help make this opportunity so special.

Looking forward to great things in 2018!

- Mike
botipton Premium
Yes with Kyle doing what he is doing it just make mentoring available to more people. This will be a good year here at Wealthy Affiliate.
GBridgart Premium
What do I say to that?
botipton Premium
Yes definitely Bring It On
MageUnknown Premium
I am very excited for this training myself. Legendary things happening here!
botipton Premium
Yes it is. It is time for many people to take control of their life.
MKearns Premium
Thank you Bo. Commitment is just around the corner!
botipton Premium
Yes it is time to get busy