I Am Happy To Be Back.

Last Update: July 23, 2016

The last 10 days of vacation have been glorious visiting with my siblings and younger generations, nieces and grand nieces. It was good to be home with everyone contributing to make our stay as enjoyable as possible.

The days flew by and here I am back at work with renewed energy and enthusiasm. As I perused through my mail I received this testimonial from someone that purchased my book ‘Caregiver Triumphant’ on Amazon and in my excitement wish to share what he wrote:

“Hi Vena

I met you at one of Joyce’s support meetings over year ago. I recently received a copy of your book from Amazon. My wife Cathy passed away last year so I read Caregiver Triumphant from a retrospective point of view. I believe it will be an invaluable resource for caregivers. You are to be congratulated on an excellent job.

You and I have several parallels. We are the same age within one year. Cathy and I had our first child in 1969. We raised five children in a practising Catholic home. Your experiences with your own family mirrored much of my own. Of course I found it upsetting to recall those years with Cathy and her/our MS but that only proves how effective and real your book is and will be to other caregivers. Thanks again for Caregiver Triumphant.

Paul Faye”

I am simply thrilled to receive such a positive testimonial from someone that have experienced living with a spouse inflicted with multiple sclerosis and understands the complexities of the disease. I am also encouraged with Mr. Faye’s comments as positive reviews play a very important role in online shopping.

In addition to Mr. Faye everyone that purchased Caregiver Triumphant have spoken favourably of the book being a ‘must read’ for caregivers or anyone for that matter.

I am truly appreciative of my efforts in helping caregivers and people everywhere. Caregivers are the fabric of families and as we endure the trials of a very difficult yet inescapable journey I am happy to share my experiences for the benefit of others. I wish to make a difference in the lives of caregivers and care receivers. No matter what life throws your way, don’t let it get you down – keep on laughing, keep on smiling. That too, shall pass.

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ChrisScott Premium
Wow....I am thrilled for you!!! You go girl!! I mean that's why we are doing this....right?? To help others primarily first and to make a living doing it so we don't have to stop helping others. From this letter and response, I just can't believe anything other than the fact you are...some kind of wonderful.

I really like knowing people like you.
jphe Premium
welcome back
JudeP Premium
That's wonderful!
Debs3 Premium
Welcome back and congratulations. Well done!
rjkennedy Premium
Welcome back and continued success on your book