WA Has Been Helping Me Rid Digital Blindness

Last Update: April 09, 2018

Hello, My Dear WA inspiring and supporting souls and hands,

What should I start off to say? I guess, I would say thank-you because the abundance of supports inside WA has helped to rid the darkness of being down digitally and mentally over the past 6+ months since joining WA on 9/25/2017.

Over the past few days, for the first time, I began being able to understand:

  • How to add featured images for the posts.
  • What is Pretty Links and how to use it.
  • What a Pro version of a theme can do for easier sitebuilding.

Next, I need helps on how to effectively implement the process of building affiliate programs and selling the products.

Through all the supports, I hope I can see a brighter light at the other end of e-marketing tunnel.

The above change and progress have compelled me to share my experience with the newbies who, like me, a digitally blind person.

At the very end, let me say thank-you for another time. I appreciated for not being abandoned but still along with you.

Have a wonderful day and success.


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MarkBa Premium
Well said James. It is all a process of learning as we go and as we do, so we see more and leave the digital blindness behind.

~Mark :)
Loes Premium
I love how you put it into words:)) I was a totally digital blind person too when I started out here, and with the help of many in the community, I climb step by step up the ladder, what I know and understand now, I all learned here at Wealthy Affiliate
accad Premium
The Master Teacher once said, "Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into a pit?

We are both digitally blind but not at all times. There are things we know and there are things we don't so we need the help of those who are digitally lensed.
davehayes Premium
Excellent post and good points made in it. I enjoyed reading it
CraigUKTV Premium
Hello James,

If I may offer my experience in choosing an affiliation. I made the mistake of not searching long enough for the best one.

This resulted in very slow earnings and I felt as if I would never be able to really scale up my business.

Then, by pure chance, I was forced to look for a new affiliation. I found a better product with much better commissions. This means I can now see a real future in scaling up.

My advice would be to take plenty of time in choosing the right product and also search around a bit more.
Urolin1981 Premium
I do appreciate your genuine advice. Would you please elaborate the specifics on how to choose the profitable products? Do you have something in mind to share with me? I dearly need such.

I could discern that you have been quite in tune with e-marketing adventure. As a newbie of totally digital blindness, I have struggled over the past 6+ months, and finally, I started being able to sense better what I should do.

With your strong background in e-marketing, I would like to invite to look into the current state of my site and see what and how I should do to push my site into its designated orbit of e-marketing sphere. I will let you know what is my site in PM so to avoid unwanted accusation by WA online police.

Best to health and success,