I survive my first three weeks WA infancy

Last Update: October 20, 2017

Hello, all WA supportive friends. Please allow me to recount what I have gone through over the initial first 3 weeks within WA It may be lengthy but surely out of my heart to affirm:

Life is a one-way street of accumulation, modification, and continuation as well as a constantly changing and adjusting dynamic process of struggle to cope with reality, certainty, and uncertainty of daily living for ongoing survival and growth.

As a newbie - WA infant, I have cried and shouted for nurturing, and I got it timely from unique kind support from WA members . Now I am 3 weeks old at WA age - still a baby!

Despite having a roller-coaster, near violent ups and downs, for some 2 weeks, all the genuine inspiration and reassurance from all willing hands have lifted and carried me forward keeping me going to this day.

Some 3 years ago, one of my patients told me I could benefit a lot from the contents of www.formefirst.com, and he showed and introduced me to www.MLSP.com, but no matter what and how he explained and I did, I just could not understand and comprehend how I can benefit from this. And I just admired how many people can make money and break free from multiple external social coercion through employment or... Does anyone know much about MLSP.com? If yes, drop me your comments or experience in it.

Naturally, I have very dismayed with confusion and doubt about Internet marketing all these years, until some 6 months ago, somehow, I received few emails from WA, which at the beginning for a while, I moved all WA emails to spam. But one day my curiosity drove me to open it for a causal reading. Afterwards, I read more of them and in time I joined WA FREE to get my feet wet. Then, slowly I felt a touch of sense what Internet marketing could be, and eventually converted to Premium in 3 days. Now i am here, still struggling but seemingly moving in right direction in partnering with a trusted WA premium members at building www.ebettercare.com. To finely tweak it to the level of monetization is still a long hard road to walk and run, but I will continue to trudge up this tough road as my final stake and chance to succeed further in life after retiring at age 73. If kindly reviewing articles of www.ebettercare.com, anyone is welcome to leave comments or opinions or suggestions to improve its functionality and to see how it may breathe and grow through all kind supports from our wonderful WA community.

While mumbling this far, I would like to reveal more details of my background as follows:


I was born in 1944 as the eldest child of six siblings in a farming family in Taiwan, where I was raised and educated as MD in 1970 after graduating from Kaohsiung Medical University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

After completing a one-year mandatory military service in Taiwan Air Force as a second lieutenant in medicine and a 3-year training of general surgical residency, I came to the United States of America in 1974.

Over the following 6 years, I had been trained through the University of Missouri Medical Center and the University of Nebraska Medical Center each for one year, and the University of Michigan Medical Center for four years to become a urologist in 1980. And in 1981, I became a board-certified urologist. Since, I have been in private practice in urology for 25 years.

In 2005, I retired to work as locum urologist at 3 active military base hospitals and 4 VA Medical Centers for various duration from as short as 3 months to as long as almost 9 years.

In August 2017, I retired again -really retired, because I felt I have been a very lucky man who still retains an excellent mental and physical health despite reaching age73, but could not be a superman, so I can have more time with my family.

At present, I would like to have more time flexibility to work as a locum tenents urologist for the hospitals or clinics in need requiring a support to ease the workload in clinic and operating room where I can continue to exercise my ability in professional decision-making and action-taking.

Throughout my career, I have striven to go beyond the power of medications and surgery by stressing the holistic approach with reinforcing the importance of implementing high-quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession,which is and should be considered as the core foundation of all medical care, no matter when, where, and how we are.

To assert such concept and practice fora better care, I have built two websites, www.ForMeFirst.comand and www.sick-ask.com, to provide additional education and care for the patients at their leisure time at home so to supplement the shortage of time for detailed counseling at the clinic.

In addition, I joined a telemedicine company, www.Healthtap.com in February 2014. Since, I have been credited for helping more than 35.6millions of people in the world by answering more than 12,000questions.

As well, I authored and published three books with two, titled as Perfect Sex for men and for the women who love them and What is Life? - To Live a Controlled,Realistic, Happy Life; the latter one has earned two awards in competition, and the third one, titled as Peacemaking,is available for FREE reading inside www.ForMeFirst.com.

Currently, I live with my lovely wife of 46 years and at times visit our two married children with five adorable grandchildren to play with,

I enjoy: thinking of something around me quietly; working as gardener around the house; taking pictures for whatever the scenes may rouse my curiosity or catch my eyes around me, writing articles related to life, health, and diseases,maintaining my websites with giving FREE health-related eNewsLetter so to keep my online patients and audience abreast about how to keep on living a controlled, realistic, long, happy life.

To put what I mentally and physically still possess into good use for myself and for the world, I would like to continue to work as locum urologist, to participate in telemedicine for online counseling on various subjects on life,relationship, employment, productivity, health, and diseases especially those in urinary-genital tract, to maintain the existing websites, and to write more books with potential working titles like The Fine Art of Working within Bureaucracy or Peace for All.

If you like how the way I conduct,manage, and sense my life for self and for the world around me like you, or you may need a hand for whatever concerns about life, living,and health you may have from someone like me, by all means, contact me and I will surely get back to you so to help you move on for a longer better healthy life.


Well, that is my life so far. I hope another chapter of life success may timely unfold through all the supports inside WA, which I would recommend to others in months and years to come.

Now I am ready to roll and help each other. Yet, off and on, I may need your rescue from unexpected ditches of Internet marketing inside or outside WA; please lend your helping hands and souls because I can not fail again.

Best to health, happiness, and success


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wardchambre Premium
Hi Urolin, Thank you for the kind words you wrote. I have worked on websites for ten years first with another company then WA. I have not made much money because I have a full time practice for over 30 years and I am finishing my doctoral degree. I have learned a lot about making money on sites and can see how it is possible. My plan is to really work at this when I retire. I also use my sites as a way of advertising my practice. The biggest way to make money seems to have a site about making money on the internet and truly being a WA affiliate. I can tell you that when I put more work into my sites and social media, I get more traffic and make money. I hope that helps. Karen Chambre
Urolin1981 Premium
It is nice to know you are right in the awesome track inside WA community. Your good words in WA further assert my trust in what WA can do for us; this is useful for one at WA infancy of only 4 weeks like me.

Again, if your time allows, I would appreciate your comment and suggestion on the 3+-week old www.ebettercare.com so to move along faster to fulfill its duty of Internet Marketing.

Oh! Would you mind some day to be a book reviewer for me? If yes, let me know.

Best to health and success,

JanetK1 Premium
I did spend over an hour on your sites. Very interesting. There is so much to cover under the heading urology!
How did you come decide on urology as your field of endeavor?
amexrn Premium
HI Urolin, nice post. I will check out your websites. Followed you as well. I wish you more success in your life.

Kind regards,
Urolin1981 Premium
Thank you for being connected. I will keep on following you for more mutual support. If time allows, appreciate taking a look into www.ebettercare.com and please tell what and how I can do better to monetize it soon. If there is anything about medicine, I am willing to help FREE.

Warm regards,

amexrn Premium
I've already checked it out. I thought the website is awesome. It contains tons of information that can really help people. I don't know what else should be there but for me it's an informative website that can inspire and motivate people to take action.
I hope this helps.

Kind regards,
DKMade Premium
I just went over your website with a fine tooth comb let me tell you, besides being beautifully laid out, the functionality and navigation being a dream, the page load times were great, everything about the site would "get me up" to go to your site over and over. Even the whole approach and delivery of a delicate topic was so professionally executed. You will have no problem with this. The only thing I would recommend, besides just leaving a blank section like your resource section Just add in a little heading stating it's under construction or return soon for "UP' dates or sorry for this page being "DOWN" something to just give the reader to read and not allow their mind to register "oh, a blank page" It just seems a little more professional and being a bartender I have learned humour truly is the best medicine so a situation like this would scream for it I believe but I am not the professional here you are.
Totally off topic but I grew up on a sailboat my whole life and the 2nd boat I lived on, my parents had it built in Taiwan at the Taeyang Yacht builders yard. I visited Taiwan in 1986 to see the boat being built. What a beautiful country and what a different culture then what I was used too. One family built our whole boat, A father and his brother built the boat (Fiberglass hull/Cabin house with teak decks and interior) his 2 sons fetched tools materials and removed trash and scraps, the mother made meals and the daughter was used for prepping and finishing tasks. It took them a little over a year to build the boat which is amazing when you saw the final product. I will dig up a picture and send it to you.
Urolin1981 Premium
Hi! Jair, Thank you so much for promptly commenting on my site, www.ebettercare.com which has been under construction over 2+ weeks in partnering with a WA trusted Premium member, who has done a great job in handling all tech issues as what I perceived and you concurred. I have appreciated what he has done for our site over the past 2+ weeks.

In addition, I love your Taiwan revelation, and I am glad you had a good experience in how the people behave there in person and profession. About me, you may look into my WA update in .

Would you please continue to watch how and what we are doing so to materialize our bottom line dream to be successful Affiliate Marketers? Besides, your advice in the contents is certainly appreciated.

Talk with you soon.

Cheers and best,
mikewood1975 Premium
You will do great. I have seen a couple of your websites.
MKearns Premium
Out of the gate and running . You go Chin Ti!
Urolin1981 Premium
Thanks a lot and I surely will. Soon I will stop crying baby.