My First "Awesome" Site

Last Update: April 10, 2019

So, This Happened

I was doing my usual rounds, checking notifications, following people back, seeing if there's a comment to give, then BAM!

I go to my SiteManager and the bar turned green...

I've had two sites running, this one about two weeks, the other about six. I've asked for feedback four times for the other site and have received none. Seems technology isn't on a lot of people's interest list.

So, now it's write content, and sit back waiting for Site Trust to crawl its way up, and finish my training.

Pretty nice to see this amount of progress in two weeks!

PS I've also gone from 11,901 to 2,982 ranking in two days :D

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StPaul Premium
Congrats and keep rocking!
adrianh25392 Premium
Congratulations on the amazing progress.
TDenise Premium
Congratulations. Keep up the good work.
PaulyMac Premium
Awesome progress, Tyler! Just keep that momentum going!

All the Best,

GJBDJC Premium
Can you show a screen shot of the detail screen?
TylerClark34 Premium
Sure, here it is.
GJBDJC Premium
That's just awesome