Multiple monitors is a must have!

Last Update: May 19, 2017

Hello Everyone!

My tip for today is: Use Multiple Monitors!

I know that many of you are already doing this, but, for the folks that might be new to WA, and, or, new to computing, it is a good tip that will make working on your websites or your training here much easier!

I would be absolutely lost without the extra desktop area provided by an additional monitor. If you are not doing this already, just imagine what it would be like to have one monitor to work on, and another for your research or training!

While it is certainly not a requirement, it makes so many things a lot easier. For example, while you are doing the classes here at WA, you could be watching Kyle's video lessons on one monitor, and implementing what you are learning on your website on another monitor at the same time!

This is a technique that I learned to use a long time ago and I'm sure it has improved my efficiency immensely.

Many years ago, if you wanted to use multiple monitors on your PC you would have to install a second graphics processing adapter to your machine to do it. But, for a long time now computers have come standard with the ability to use two monitors.Even laptops usually have a video port where you plug in an additional monitor.

To make it even easier, there are monitors that connect via a USB connection and they may even be powered by that USB connection. This makes adding an additional monitor super easy!

If you are not using multiple monitors already give this a try! You will likely never want to go back to a single display again.

Please like, comment, and share, if you found this information helpful!

Have a great weekend!



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MKearns Premium
You could minimize one display but it shrinks your perceptions!
TedBliss Premium
Glad you mentioned it. People will find the efficiency of their work increase greatly. I'm using three monitors and might add a fourth when business picks up.

Keep it coming - everything helps. Ted
susanmacneil Premium
This is great advice.

I have been using two monitors for some time.

I am working on a MacBook Pro Laptop. I connected my older monitor, which did not have a USB port, by using the adaptor shown below.
Tw1 Premium
Excellent! Thanks for sharing!
JacksRawl Premium
Couldn't agree with you more. I have been doing video editing for many years and have used 2 monitors for a very long time. Little did I know how handy 2 monitors would be using WA. Watching Kyles videos on one monitor while working on the other definitely increases productivity and workflow I agree
Tw1 Premium
Thanks for that confirmation Jack!
pablocortina Premium
Hadn't thought of this. Sounds like a great idea