Starting a new Year with Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: March 28, 2017

Today is the end of two years with Wealthy Affiliate.

The first year I did two primary sites with multiple sites and subdomain sites to support each niche.

Say It With Photographs is my testing ground with five subdomain sites that take the general niche and fine tune it to more specific niches that make up Say It With Photographs as a whole.

TD Remodeling is my business site and has three other sites for niche fine tuning from the much larger primary site.

In the first year, it was all about learning the WA platform and training provided by others. During that time there is the matter of scheduling website and community time and work to pay the bills.

Moving into the top 100 ended up being pretty short lived as with anything you need to prioritize where you spend your time. Choosing to work on all my different sites and make money to pay the bills, my standings in WA dropped quickly.

For the second year, I decided to promote Wealthy Affiliate with a site called What Is A Website Builder and felt it would be best to work on just the one site. This action would accomplish one of two things.

First whether or not the original sites would continue to rank without fresh content and produce or start to slip to the wayside.

Secondly, it would allow for all devoted time to go to the efforts of one site to see the overall results.

Also, the time I spent in the WA community was not to be beneficial with my ranking but to mainly help others out. For instance, I read tens of thousands of profiles of different people as I followed them. From doing this your following increases but you end up following far more people than the ones that follow you back.

From making comments, your credited with the first entry but then I would go back at times to do extra follow up comments to help people with their sites engagement. Doing feedback and at times tracking down how to work on their themes when they ran into issues trying to design how their site would look and function.

So my previous post sums up this segment that now brings me to the new battle plan for my third year to come with Wealthy Affiliate.

Work on all three main sites and introduce a new extension on my business site with a new domain. This new site will be for a new business that I'm about to embark on for the new year. The time has come to step things up for retirement.

Affiliate marketing works but having your own products/services can work faster and better. In my case doing my own stuff creates a better income. I will continue with promoting Wealthy Affiliate and some other affiliate products/services to see what happens over a longer time frame.

With all these sites and the work ahead of me I'm sure I'll steadily disappear into the vast abyss within the WA community. I'll always see about taking what time I can to help others. I'll make some changes on where I place my extra time for helping others out.

To all those hard at work, keep forging ahead by setting your priorities to what you want to accomplish and get done. For me, this third year is about creating another site and getting all of my sites to rank better, increase my income and help those that I can as I forge ahead.

Great to be part of Wealthy Affiliate, so let's make things happen this year.

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drcmaint Premium
Wow, well done.
TSmithers Premium
Thanks and we'll see what this new year brings us.
KarenEB Premium
Excellent! Man with a top plan :)
TSmithers Premium
Like they mention here at WA, build a plan and work your plan and success will follow.
AGOgden Premium
TSmithers Premium
Looking forward to what this next year will bring.
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
TSmithers Premium
More than happy to and thanks for dropping a line.
KMeyer Premium Plus
TSmithers Premium