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" After 20 years of serving my Country in the Canadian Armed Forces, I decided I needed a change. My first year as a civilian, I decided to take a one year Applied Information Technology Course through ITI "Information Technology Institute".
Following that I spent about one year working full time designing and producing mugs, t-shirts, canvas prints, key chains, sail covers etc. In fact you can see the hoddie I designed with my sailboat logo in the photo above.
Transforming photos into gifts makes the most precious memories come to life. The possibilities are endless, from babies first step to high school prom to the wedding day and every milestone in between. Post production photographs can say it all.
The inspiration for Say It With Photographs was born from my desire to share with the world what my family and friends have been doing for years. I would like to give you the inspiration to put all your ideas and possibilities into works of art and keepsakes that can be passed on from generation to generation."
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It's time for a new line of work so here I come.
Replace my job and I'll go from there.
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Dec 19, 2016
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TSmithers Premium
It's time for a new line of work so here I come.
Replace my job and I'll go from there.
ajmmdm1983 Premium
Nice goals, I believe you can achieve your goals, Everything you need is here at WA, from the training, support and help of the community.
scottdogg187 Premium Plus
Awesome goals Travis!

I had the same goals as you when I first came here over 2 years ago and it has been quite a journey for me in those 2 years. I was fed up with my job and was ready for something new and ready to make a change in my life.

I simply followed the training here at WA and took action on what I learned here. I'm proud to say that I was able to replace my full time job in less than a year and I now do this full time from the comfort of my home.

Check out how I was able to do this and read my full story here!
I know that you too can achieve the same results or even better if you give this the time and dedication that it deserves and treat this like a business.

I will be here to help you every step of the way and answer any questions you have. I have been there and done it already and I would love to get you pointed in the right direction and help you avoid some of the mistakes that I made when I first got started.

I really am looking forward to working with you Travis!

Talk to you soon
Your Friend, Scott
Carson Premium Plus
Great to see that you've added some goals Travis!

Working towards achieving these goals will happen as you take action on the lesson tasks here at WA. Ask questions when you have them, and take your time. This is not a race, and your time investment will have you up and running before you know it!

You're going to do just great!

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KarenDemers Premium
Hello...thank you for following me. I just read your profile and your "Ending the full one year trial" blog. I am blown away by your accomplishments and success so far. I too joined WA in March of '15 and am in your dust haha.
You're very inspiring...thank you. I'm very happily returning the favor and following you back.
Best wishes,
Dmitriy Premium
Hi Travis, thanks for following me - it's nice to meet you here at WA!

I wish you to become an AWESOME online marketer (if you aren't already :) ) and live a life of your dreams!

My greatest passion is video games and I strongly believe that games can influence our lives in a very positive and beneficial way. I'm always ready and willing to discuss the topic, so feel free to contact me anytime, if you're even slightly interested.

Also, if you ever need anything, have questions to ask, thoughts to share or just want to chat – just send me a message and I will try to help as best I can.

Cheers, good luck and see you around!
Freedomseekr Premium
Hi Travis, Thank you for the follow! It's very nice to meet you here and be a part of your network.
It seems we're on a similar path on one of our niches...there are many things a person can have made into a custom gift or personalized item, which I find pretty amazing! Eventually, I'll be getting there, lol.
Very nice looking site, btw! Keep up the awesome job...
Best wishes :) ~Sherry
DaveSw Premium
Hi Travis,

Just replied to your comment over on my blog...In looking at your bio above I see that we have some things in common, as in being a retiree from military service...I did 25 years myself, but that was finished a LONG time ago....Like 18 yeares ago next month lol...

Another thing of interest are the designing and adding photos onto T-Shirts, Mugs, etc. We have an eCommerce business and a portion of that involves doing such things for clients...

To keep costs down, we have a business i Thailand (plus it's a great place to be hehe) where a portion of activities involves this...Lots of ways to make money, and have some fun as well along the way...

I am sure you can leverage what you do online to increase your overall business and I wish you the best of luck in that endeavor! Good to meet you here...

Dave : )
TGlanville Premium
Hi Travis, thanks for the follow and right back at you. Had a look at your site and looked the images, just wish my photos looked as good. I will just have to go back and read up on some of your tutorials. Best of luck in your ventures. Cheers Tracy :)