Two years with Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: March 25, 2017

Well, it has been a second full year as of 29 March 2017 since I've joined Wealthy Affiliate.

From my last post a year ago I had mentioned continuing with my sites to see about doubling my online income. Instead, I changed my plan to something entirely new. In my first year, I had done like many and created more than one site to earn an income which means you end up dividing your efforts to multiple sites rather than dealing with one site.

I decided where I was going to promote Wealthy Affiliate to do what WA teaches and the seasoned marketers talk about with giving my full attention to one site and work it.

This test would achieve two primary goals:

  1. First, it would demonstrate what happens to existing sites that no longer get regular updates for how well they would perform in ranking and earning an income.
  2. Secondly, I would be able to put my efforts into one site to see how long it would take to get it off the ground.

On the first segment, the sites lost ranking status as they had no new content to keep or improve their ranking. For the one year of building them and letting them sit on auto pilot for the second year, they did nothing worth mentioning. The conclusion is you need serious traffic and a well-developed site to think about earning any income running on auto pilot. You would need to build your site to where you are making the funds you want and do routine articles to keep your site producing or your wasting your time.

On the second year, it was all about working on a single site. I chose to promote Wealthy Affiliate. When it comes to selecting a niche, some have more competition than others which means even when you see about doing everything right some sites take longer to be successful. Choosing to promote Wealthy Affiliate or any online business is harder and takes more work than many of the other niches.

My other websites ranked much faster and easier with less work than this latest one that promotes Wealthy Affiliate.

Over the course of one year as of April 5, 2017, the website What Is A Website Builder has these stats as of 25 Mar 2017.

  • 137 pages/posts
  • 6,570 LinkedIn connections
  • 1,510 Google+ connections

Only receiving a couple of thousand visitors per month so far.

Now, these results are without paying for any traffic, etc. as most people look to get a provider and build a site for as cheap as possible to earn an income.

Purchasing traffic will speed up the process, and if you are naturally well connected with social media, this can also speed things up.

The WA community typically mentions you can earn an income in 3-12 months which is true from my other niches, but I would say when you're looking at a niche as competitive as having an online business, then people should expect possible 3-24 months depending on what procedures your using.

I will continue using the free methods of creating content and building out social media and see what happens for this web site's second year.

I must also mention the articles will not be as many as now I need to attend to my other sites now that the second year testing is complete.


Whether you decide to have one site or a couple, it does not matter but makes sure you have the key fundamentals down first before starting a second site.

The time it takes to earn an income is due to:

  • The type of niche you choose with the amount of competition you're up against.
  • How well connected you are with social media.
  • Are you paying for traffic?
  • How much time you have to work your site or sites.

It does not happen overnight, and it takes lots of work.

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AGOgden Premium
Good lessons!
TSmithers Premium
Glad you liked it.
VeronicasLuv Premium
"Only receiving a couple of thousand of visitors per month". That sounds pretty good to me!!! I like how you made the adjustment to narrow your focus. Great job, Travis!
TSmithers Premium
Thanks and we'll see what this next year will bring.
dcasa14 Premium
For someone jsut getting started, tt is good to read of your reality check.
TSmithers Premium
Thanks as it will help others have a better understanding of what to expect with no sugar coating to be successful.
reanna1 Premium
TSmithers Premium
Thank you!
salma33 Premium
waw ...congrats
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