Ending the Full One Year Trial at Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: March 29, 2016

"If you do not change something today, the next five years of your life will be like the last five years."

Well, my full one-year trial has come to an end. I'll list what I've accomplished and give my conclusion of where to go from here.

TD Remodeling, page 1 position 1, now has 50 pages/ posts with 466 comments. Google search analytics is showing average position at 50.5 with my chosen keywords and all the ones that Google has brought my pages/posts forward for almost 9 months.

Home Improvement Hand Tools, page 1 position 9, has 25 pages/posts with 62 comments. Google search analytics shows average position 58.8 with all keywords for 2 1/2 months.

Home Renovation How To is page 4 position 33, with 12 pages/posts and 42 comments. Google search analytics shows average position at 150.9 with all keywords just over 2 months.

The newest site What is a Domain Name? Just launched 2 months ago has 11 pages/posts with 54 comments. Google search analytics shows average position at 80.1 from 282.1 with all keywords.

My hobby test site Say It With Photographs, show first four images from my site page 1 position 1 then regular text entry on page 1 position 3, with 85 pages/posts and 704 comments. Google search analytics shows average position at 18.7 with all keywords.

My two monthly newsletters have 6 websites for free tutorials that have a combined 235 pages/posts with 138 comments.

For my final evaluation for being with Wealthy Affiliate and the community is as follows:

I've created 5 websites with 183 pages/posts and 1,328 comments

Created 6 tutorial websites for 2 monthly newsletters with 235 pages/posts and 138 comments.

For social media:

Have 248 followers in Pinterest

Have 951 followers for Google+

Have 2,729 connections for Linkedin

For the full 12 months, no money started until around 8 months in and finishing the year I should be just over $2,000.00 Canadian made.

This is without doing any PPC or Google Adsense campaigns etc. I was doing this as cheaply as possible with a Wealthy Affiliate Premium package and Jaaxy.

Compared to doing a brick and mortar business the online venture has not been worth the time or effort it took to make the money. But I also read how if you keep working your websites you should be able to double your income each year.

In my case; I should be able to make $4,000.00, $8,000.00, $16,000.00 each consecutive year and be at $16,000.00 in three years for part-time work online.

This is the next challenge as I stay with Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy to double my income by doubling the number of pages/posts on my five websites and doubling the comments minimum.

The monthly progress reports or done and the next time I write one of these will be a year from now.

"Just want to say thanks again to everybody here for all your help, training and support and that goes double for WA."

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MarionBlack Premium
Congratulations on your achievements. But don't expect to double your income - it gets BETTER than that.
TSmithers Premium
I can handle better, but just to make sure I have a goal I want to double the number of pages/posts and comments over the next 12 months minimum.

If I have time to do more I will so time will tell.
OldMCSEGuy Premium
I must say you have outperformed us in WA inxome. 90% of our income does not come from WA. But we are not limited to WA and WordPress. In my viewpoint you have done much better than expected. You really followed the training step by step.
Good job.
TSmithers Premium
I found between WA's training and all the training from the community it helps, and I'm still playing catch up with the seminars and peoples training here.
katzee Premium
I will look forward to your next 12 months report. I would think that the return will be much better by comparison, as you would have spent a considerable amount of time laying the foundations on your sites, something you don't have to do again, now that they are up and running (although, of course, the work never stops). Congratulations for your great results so far, and I am sure the income curve will rise more steeply once you start doing PPC or Adsense, or otherwise monetizing your sites.
TSmithers Premium
Thanks and it will be time to keep moving forward with more training and building up more content.
CathyS Premium
Awesome! This is truly one of the few businesses where you get out of it what you put in it. Your time was well spent and while there is indeed a lot of work involved, the pay-out can be very lucrative. God Bless!
TSmithers Premium
Now I'll see about doing the doubling routine and see how the second year works out.
CathyS Premium
It's what I've been doing .. worked so far. :-)
TSmithers Premium
Nice to hear.
dlibreros Premium
I think it's great that you've had so much success from your sites after one year with WA. It's obvious you've put in a lot of work into your business and have remained consistent. I believe that your best shot at success and increasing your income is to focus solely on one website at a time and give it your all. Just like if you were running a brick and mortar business, trying to run so many businesses on your own will spread you too thin. You can even work on two at a time because it's evident you're serious about your business. Anyways, congrats on your progress so far and keep up the great work; it's truly an inspiration to see someone so hard working and consistent with their sites. Now I KNOW I can do better than I have been doing.

TSmithers Premium
Thanks, Diana and my five websites are set up to be all related and intertwined.

My business site has two sites that are more pacific to what I deal with, and the fourth is my hobby site which also is for creating all my websites.

The fifth one is to help anyone looking to do what we are doing here at WA.