Were These Moments?

Last Update: July 04, 2018

Were these the moments ?

By vision, design, efforts...I'd become

Of this my glory, my finery; my Flag swooned Identity

How weigh the cost... what might I've lost

To pledge a hand, where "honest" holds honor

Or by them I plunder ?

Who will follow me and say

Now this one, " He shone brilliant"

And through his careful watch

I stood out, to be considered.

...Simple we give because it is ours to do.

Not fame, not glory but for our fellow man

In honor and respect for Peace,

David R.

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Pernilla Premium
How wonderful expressed.
David, you are such a gifted writer.
You are a great inspirational source!

In honor and respect,
live and reflect,
do not expect
anything to be perfect,
be happy and connect
then there will be nothing
to regret.

In Awe,

Trujunco Premium
You,likewise are an inspiration,Pernilla and one here that I count as friend.

2019 will hold some very special moments... It is for those conscious of these, able to perceive calamity and abundance as the same challenge,that the world’s changes will come to be met with wisdom.


We hail from different worlds and cultures to be certain, most evident for me in this following others at WA,are the common threads of decency and caring that run through so many here...

I believe I write to attract that.

So to end: I truly am blessed by your reply above and consider the words of encouragement as letting me know we share an incredible opportunity.

And finally

By the prose you have just written.


Remain brilliant and share your light!


David R.
Pernilla Premium
Thank you so much for your awwwesome answer.
You shine bright!
The dark sky is alight!

Happy to be your friend.
MarkBa Premium
Hi David

I missed this post while I was away, but I am so pleased I didn't miss it completely.

I'm not sure how long I stared at the words, "-we give because it is ours to do." but my once hot tea was ice cold! :)

I love the simplicity of your words which when pondered as they must, lead me to connect with that place within for which there are no words.

So in awe of the pure bond that connects us all as one.

Thank you for moving me today.

Trujunco Premium

Thank you for dropping by to read this post and sharing your perspective.

There is a truth that I've come to realize and accept over the years, that though we are kind to most, certain people we gravitate toward in a forming a special bond.

I believe it is this quality, that develops close friendships over time, the kind where you might not see or hear from that person for a while, but is, as if just yesterday when you do.

My conclusion: We may be in different parts of the world, I get your intention for life and I share your sensibility... to friendship then...Shine brilliant!

Respectfully, David
MarkBa Premium
Touché David! Those special bonds go beyond understanding but like you say they are eternally strong. Always a pleasure to interact with you. :)

verazhelvis Premium
I liked it- a piece full of beauty and dignity...:)
Trujunco Premium
There you are,kind and encouraging.

I often think of your poetry when I write. I enjoy that we are not the same and yet share a certain sensibility.
With creative writers I think there is a certain apprehension to what we should allow viewed and perhaps this is true of all writers...this sense of being misinterpreted.

Anyway on this particular piece I just wish I might of held back for a day before pushing the publish button...ever get that?

Lol...this one is a little like a "Picasso". To understand you might have to attach a few random parts to determine how it resonates with you. But my intention was honor and respect for our humankind, so know that.

Thanks Vera for being here. I do admire your intention as always

Respectfully your friend,

David R.
verazhelvis Premium
Yes, I totally understand you... Sometimes when you write you pour out yourself to the degree that it feels as if you are naked.But that always means quality, the very reason why you take a pen, or sit in front of your desktop. That means your are going to be interesting to the reader...:)

This one is rather neutral, but I like it.:)
ThaboN Premium
Very nice and timely message, David.

Trujunco Premium
I remember your story of the snake and the importance of listening...
I would also thank your grandfather, as today I am honored here with what I know to be your gift of perception.

We walk in a sensible direction with others in bringing dialogue to a more challenging world circumstance

Indeed I had wanted to share this thought, for the times we are living in and the spirited opinions for the day

Thank you, so much for the comment!

Respectfully David
MKearns Premium
Every moment is of priceless worth!
Trujunco Premium
Thank you, Mike, for reading my mind here. As in this point of my life. I've gathered enough in observations to understand that "An ounce of Humility is worth a hundredfold it's weight in gold".

...And so too, is your stated reflection.

May we all walk in priceless worth

In friendship, David