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July 04, 2018
Were these the moments ?By vision, design, efforts...I'd becomeOf this my glory, my finery; my Flag swooned Identity How weigh the cost... what might I've lostTo pledge a hand, where "honest" holds honorOr by them I plunder ?Who will follow me and sayNow this one, " He shone brilliant"And through his careful watch I stood out, to be considered....Simple we give because it is ours to do. Not fame, not glory but for our fellow man In honor and respect for Peace, David R.
June 14, 2018
One moment, one thought, as I looked upon this sea, sunlight slowly rising to my day...I realized that in each drop lay a world of other dreams, to each a challenge; to each a journey and by and by, all the special souls we'd meet along tthe way To all my friends, Who dream and share their journey, go my respect and admiration...Shine Brilliant David
Certain moments of learning "Online marketing" result in bringing clarity to the larger picture and with it an Ahh-ha realization (perhaps the culmination of many lessons and of some revisited)It is in these, that we are best equipped to "pay it forward" and share with others our understanding.This is one such opportunity in the form of a book summarization, ( this particular book written by a local author, Steve Eickman / President of Anchor Marketing, a brand building agency in The Midwest
For Soaring No fear, little bird... Wings like the freedoms we aspire to, ascend by an even simple breath of windJust Breathe, and her facing, sometimes gentle urging; often direct and profound, she will not lieYou will know where her tumultous fury bids you, there, find coverNo fear, little bird, "Breathe...and Allow your Spirit, soaring". Tru-Junco 3/08/2018 >>>inspired from a discussion with our friend,
Always setting goals and beginning a journey that leads to nowhere? We are all heading somewhere and our daily focus and choices tell much about where that "Somewhere " is. Tru-Junco is a word that best describes my nature as I am a wandering soul who loves and thinks spontaneously. Known to be a creative survivor in an adverse climate this bird fellow can be seen comfortably pecking and chattering in a foreign land as if his own. Habits for survival deeply ingrained he can easily mak
Hey WA Friends,One of the more valuable buttons available on WA is the follow button. I have found in receiving notification of blogs written and following up, interesting insights of others' thoughts and process for achievement. In this, a question came to mind about long term positive growth: Are you likely to achieve more, motivated by criticism or encouragement? Recently, I've experienced a negative response from a friend's perspective, to an event we collaborated on, in building our busin