APPS that help you make a few dollars

Last Update: March 09, 2015

A few extra dollars to pay for your membership, or anything else you may need, never hurts.

These are just a few APPS that can help you do exactly that. There are no get rich schemes, just some down to earth suggestions.


Sell some pictures! For Android and iOS.

Upload pictures, charge as you wish.

Check out how ABC counsels you to make a few dollars.


Sell books you have at home and are not using.

This APP allows you to compare prices that your book may bring.


Special "objectives" are defined. If you are in the right area to complete a task, you get paid for various things you can do with your Android or iOS phone.

Cash For Laptop

Have an older laptop hanging around? Fill out some information and get immediate offers for it.


Join free, take pictures of receipts for the items you buy, receive rebates. Easy money for items you already purchase anyway!

Receipt Hog

Works much like Ibotta

All of the above offers have some kind of qualifiers, be it the shape the item is in, the quality of the merchandise submitted etc.

Check them out for yourself, if you happen to be interested.

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JonFW Premium
Thank you very much.
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Thank ya' for some great ops here Terea... good seeing ya'! Hopin' that little Punken's doin' great!
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thanks for these tips!
AndyJ Premium
Thanks for the tips!
Loes Premium
Great resources, but I am afraid some will not work in the Netherlands
Trialynn Premium
Sorry if they do not work other than the US. I wish I was aware of where they work besides the US, but I do not have the answer to that question. I do hope some of them, especially Foap work for you.