1st page in less than an hour

Last Update: May 15, 2015

I have been using Google + for a while now, but I found out today I have not been sharing publicly. :( Thanks to the chat here at WA I fixed that fast! Well, I also posted a couple links to my page just to see what would happen; next, I did a search and there I was on the first page, photo and all! :)

Two hours ago I hated Google +, now I think I like it... And as Forrest Gump would say "I like it a lot".

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Jim-Bo Premium
Life is like a box o choclits, u never know what ur gonna hit! Lol
dehaynes Premium
Great to see results from your hard work! Keep it going.
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome Travis, there is nothing better than seeing the results of your actions. Same goes for getting content indexed, as you build out more and more content you will see your pages and posts get indexed quicker and quicker.

Keep up the great work man!
danbarth87 Premium
Very cool!
jghwebbrand Premium

Thanks for sharing your success with WA community. I just think that is terrific. By following the lessons by Kyle and Carson will bring you success.

I want to wish both you and your wife a successful start to becoming a great online marketer. This is what me and my wife are doing now and we like it a lot.

Have a great day!