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I'm a recent transplant from Walden NY to North Carolina. I still root for the NY/NJ Teams (Giants, Jets, Yankees & Mets). I just can't root for the Carolina teams yet. I've only been in NC for 2 years. I woke up one day after working 27 years for a major corporation and realized that our relationship had ended. We agreed or they agreed to part ways. I believe it was a blessing in disguise. I'm looking forward to walking through new doors and opportunities God has planned for me. I believe WA is one of those doors.

I'm looking forward to joining all of you in spending time periodically blogging about WA and our successes.
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GaiC Premium
Welcome, thanks for the follow. Check out the WAbinars and training centers, they are great learning grounds. Yell out if you need anything. Gai
willdoweb Premium
Hi dehaynes! I apologize it took me so long to catch back up with my WA life. I've been working on some projects lately. I used to work for a rather large company as well - only my story's a little different. They shut down the whole department I was in charge of. I still do a little of thesame stuff for them and others but it's not my primary concern or income for that matter. Hopefully, at some point, the web can earn the primary spot. Thanks for the follow and nice to meet you.
mama2karsten Premium
Hello deHaynes and Welcome to the wonderful world of WA! You have chosen to follow me and now I will follow you in return. This is a great community of learning with many contributors. There are so many tools for learning... use them correctly and you will become a "master of IM"...tutorials, forums,WAbinars and training programs. If you have a question or just need help. ASK!. You will discover there are many helpers here... post question here, post in live chat... whatever you do, post it! Someone will have a solution. Thank you for the follow and good luck.
success2uj Premium
Such a lovely bird,,,
Steven.P Premium
I want pet parrot lol, I know thats not a parrot but it reminds me of one. i was talking to my girlfriend about that the other day, i want to get a parrot and teach it how swear lol, anyway welcome to wealthy affiliate I dont believe in failures at all just like you said everythings an opprotunity i think we are here basically to live and learn. If your looking for success online your in the right place learn the tutorials read and apply what your reading asap for best results!!! best wishes