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I just wanted blog very quickly about the success I have had in the past month.I decided at the end of Febuary to take a break from the Internet, especially all work related activities I do online. Today, I think I'm ready to get started back, so I get on and check only one of my affiliate programs, and what do ya know there's $40! I made $40 on 1 evergreen article that I wrote in December of 2015 on a new site I launched in October of 2015. I haven't even checked my other affiliate programs, s
I have been using Google + for a while now, but I found out today I have not been sharing publicly. :( Thanks to the chat here at WA I fixed that fast! Well, I also posted a couple links to my page just to see what would happen; next, I did a search and there I was on the first page, photo and all! :)Two hours ago I hated Google +, now I think I like it... And as Forrest Gump would say "I like it a lot".
February 18, 2015
I'm happy to be writing my first blog as a premium member and ever. It’s late at night so I’ll be very short. I just want to take the time to let everyone know I’ve taken the BIG step of becoming a premium member! Now my wife says that I need to earn enough money to pay my membership fee or I’ll be sleeping in the dog house :) I’m looking forward to working with each and every person involved with Wealthy Affiliate. One thing I’ve learned this past week is that this truly is a great