Rank higher on Google within 30 minutes

How to improve your website seo

Can you rank higher in 30 minutes? Can you even rank higher within 10 minutes?
That is depending on how you are going to spent your next 10 minutes. When you only read this training, you will pick up some great ideas within 10 minutes, and when you actually do this training your page will rank higher within 30 minutes!

When you know what to do to improve your website SEO, you sure can get higher.
If you know what you can improve, you can start working and decide how many minutes, hours or days you are going to work on search engine optimization (SEO).

This training is aplicable to pages and posts - wherever I refer to page, you can read post as well.

It's time to get higher on Google!

How do I get higher on Google?

To get higher on Google you have to connect the keyword phrase, people will use on Google, with your blogpost. Those specific words people use to find information about a subject.


Which question will people ask to get to your article?

Which question would you ask to get to your article?

Start optimizing

Which webpage do you want to get higher?

Read that page and ask yourself the next questions:


Which problem does this page resolve?

Which needs does this webpage fulfill?

To which questions gives this page answers?

Which words will a user type into the Google search bar for his need or problem?

Think about this for a while.

The keywords for this training would be: How can I rank higher in Google, Rank higher in Google, how to improve website seo etc.

You, the user of the Google search engine wants to rank higher on Google, and you want to know exactly what you need to do to accomplish that.

And preferably with a step-by-step instruction method.

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Very helpful, thanks Loes.
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Thank you Shawn:)
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This is brilliant, Loes! Thank you.
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Thank you Stephen:))
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That is a fantastic systematic way to think about the content. Thank you!
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You're welcome, thanks Tina
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Very powerful training Loes, thank you, bookmarked this one for tomorrow, got to go to bed now. Goodnight and have a good day tomorrow my friend.:-))Steph
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Thank Steph, my bedtime to now:) Goodnight
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Wow this is excellent Loes! This is gonna help me a great deal. Thanks for sharing This!
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Glad you like it Joshua