There are two ways to send a message in Live Chat:
1) A generic message to ALL can be sent in the "Add your message here" box
2) A message to a particular member can be sent using the [Reply] button.

If you post a generic question to all be sure to use the [?] This will also notify everyone that there is an unanswered question in Live Chat. Those that are free will come to see.

When you respond to a particular member they also will get a notification. Only if you use the [Reply] button. If you do not then they will not know you are talking to them. Often we toggle between helping and working and rely on the notification. Let's take a look at the two types of notifications that you will see...

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Kyle Premium
Nice walkthrough here Carl. :)
CarlJDill Premium
Thank you Kyle! I really appreciate that.
NCH Premium
Hi Carl

Thanks for this, as it clarified so much that I was just winging.

Will look forward to the rest of the training.

CarlJDill Premium
Thank you Noreen. Glad it helped!
Braintree Premium
Thanks Carl, most useful.
CarlJDill Premium
Wonderful to know! Thank you
Newmayberry Premium
Great training Carl!
I have been poking around for a bit now and I did not know about the flags in chat. I did not know what they meant anyway. It is pretty easy to get lost or overlook some of the simple stuff that really makes the whole navigating and utilizing WA to its max potential.
I just recently started using the live chat more so that is very helpful information to know!
Looking forward to more tutorials.
Thank you!
CarlJDill Premium
Thank you Christina. More to come!
wendyg53 Premium
Thank you, this is vey helpful. I bookmarked it for future reference. The WA platform can get a little confusing and training like this is great for new and old members.
CarlJDill Premium
Thank you Wendy. I appreciate the feedback.
My only desire is that it is indeed helpful for Starters
and helpful for veterans as they seek to help Starters.

Kind regards to you,