We all have inner fears or insecurities that hold us back from doing things usually new for us. You might encounter questions like - Will someone criticize this? Is there already something like this on the market? What if I won't be satisfied with this later on? What if this and what if that, but quess what - those questions don't matter at all. The most important thing is that you actually get started and overcome that first, hardest step. It will get easier later on and you'll really enjoy doing it. If nothing, force yourself to write a page a day. Within 100 days, you'll have 100 pages, and that's a lot!

If you don't believe you have enough time, you should learn various time management techniques to free up half of an hour a day, which is actually all you'll need to start writing an ebook.

You won't finish the ebook within a day or two. That's a process that requires patience and discipline. It may take you up to a year or two if you write a complex e-book. It might take you a month or two for something simple, of which you can write from the back of your head.

The worst scenario is when people give up from doing something like that - creating an asset that can create you revenue for the rest of your life. Analyze yourself and see what holds you back from writing an ebook. Don't pay too much attention to what others might be saying about it. People have tons of opinions and in most cases, none should matter to you. Focus on your own personal goals and ambitions, and respect the ideas that came to you, as well as your possibility to actually pull it out.

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skyhigh4 Premium
Excellent information. Thank you so much!
DavidArturo Premium
Hey, very informative and weel put together thi spost of yours! Well done!
Thank you David!
Salem Premium
Great article. I would also suggest publishing it on Amazon/Kindle. It is free and you can get all the help you need in the form of templates and even a cover maker. Worked great for me. You can find how to publish on Kindle here
sherbet penny Premium
Nice one for the link to SA
mama2karsten Premium
Well written, informative article... nice job! I have been thinking about getting back into writing... this may just be the little nudge I needed.... thanks for sharing.
I'm glad this helped! I wish all the best!
reefswimmer Premium
I agree ebooks are an important source of revenue for us---so long as we give really strong value to the reader.

You might want to look on Amazon for how to publish/market ebooks on Kindle----they are a goldmine of ideas.

Look to your eventual publisher before you write so you use the correct formatting for , your specific publisher. On Amazon, for instance, there's simple ways of publishing ebooks if you use Wordpress to write your content..

In your training, I really liked the part at the end, where you talk about leveraging your ebooks. Never want to just assume you write an ebook, publish it, and that's it.
Seems interesting. Definitely worth taking a look!