Connect all the topics you wrote in step 1, that have any link or whatsoever, and are in a similar or same domain. Make them subtopics.

For example, if you're writing about fitness. Several major topics might be; ideal nutrition, home workouts and gym workouts.
Now, think about gym workouts. You have all sorts of machine workouts you can write about. How they benefit your body, which muscle group they're building up, how to do those workouts properly...
Then you have all sorts of weights and kettlebells. There are many sorts of exercises you can do with them. So, that gives you a totally new topic.

So, the table of content sketch would be something like;



  • Warming up
  • Bench press
  • Leg workouts
  • Shoulder workouts
  • Rowing machine workouts
  • etc.
You get the basic picture of it. Correlate to it with your personal domain. You should be writing with passion and enjoy it, and you'll get plenty more ideas along the way.

After the basic topic/subtopic table of content, think deeper into the subject and think about creating 5 articles for each subtopic. What would those articles be about? Look at all the articles you wrote before. Can you find some of them related to the topic of your new e-book? Do your best and find a way to write 3 articles from each of those articles. By now, you should find enough inspiration to get you started. As said before, you'll find a lot more of it along the process of writing an e-book.

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skyhigh4 Premium
Excellent information. Thank you so much!
DavidArturo Premium
Hey, very informative and weel put together thi spost of yours! Well done!
Thank you David!
Salem Premium
Great article. I would also suggest publishing it on Amazon/Kindle. It is free and you can get all the help you need in the form of templates and even a cover maker. Worked great for me. You can find how to publish on Kindle here
sherbet penny Premium
Nice one for the link to SA
mama2karsten Premium
Well written, informative article... nice job! I have been thinking about getting back into writing... this may just be the little nudge I needed.... thanks for sharing.
I'm glad this helped! I wish all the best!
reefswimmer Premium
I agree ebooks are an important source of revenue for us---so long as we give really strong value to the reader.

You might want to look on Amazon for how to publish/market ebooks on Kindle----they are a goldmine of ideas.

Look to your eventual publisher before you write so you use the correct formatting for , your specific publisher. On Amazon, for instance, there's simple ways of publishing ebooks if you use Wordpress to write your content..

In your training, I really liked the part at the end, where you talk about leveraging your ebooks. Never want to just assume you write an ebook, publish it, and that's it.
Seems interesting. Definitely worth taking a look!