If you want to insert images or photos to your e-book, you'll have to make sure they're yours or that you have the right to use them. Buy ideal ones on stock photo websites and agencies. You don't want to have problems with this later on. Photographers often experience copyright infringements, because people take their work for granted. People see thousands of images online and they come to believe all of them fell from the sky, or something. It's a big thanks to photographers and graphic designers, who put their time, energy and eventually money to make those photos happen.

You can find plenty of photos appropriate to almost any niche in the world on photo stock websites. Just google 'photo stock', or 'cheap photo stock', if you're financially limited. You'll find all sorts of photos and images you'll be able to use for less than a few bucks.

Another way of doing this is to create your own photos. Take a camera or a smartphone, which probably has a decent camera on it, and find whatever you need on photo in the nature. Take a few shots, then transfer it to your computer. Sometimes you wont' need any graphic editing, but sometimes you'll need to use a photo editing software like 'Photoshop'.

Images should be of great quality and look really nice to make the reader want to look more in the ebook and read more. Overall graphic design and font should be in the same manner, also.
Don't skip this part. Make everything as beautiful as you can.

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skyhigh4 Premium
Excellent information. Thank you so much!
DavidArturo Premium
Hey, very informative and weel put together thi spost of yours! Well done!
Thank you David!
Salem Premium
Great article. I would also suggest publishing it on Amazon/Kindle. It is free and you can get all the help you need in the form of templates and even a cover maker. Worked great for me. You can find how to publish on Kindle here
sherbet penny Premium
Nice one for the link to SA
mama2karsten Premium
Well written, informative article... nice job! I have been thinking about getting back into writing... this may just be the little nudge I needed.... thanks for sharing.
I'm glad this helped! I wish all the best!
reefswimmer Premium
I agree ebooks are an important source of revenue for us---so long as we give really strong value to the reader.

You might want to look on Amazon for how to publish/market ebooks on Kindle----they are a goldmine of ideas.

Look to your eventual publisher before you write so you use the correct formatting for , your specific publisher. On Amazon, for instance, there's simple ways of publishing ebooks if you use Wordpress to write your content..

In your training, I really liked the part at the end, where you talk about leveraging your ebooks. Never want to just assume you write an ebook, publish it, and that's it.
Seems interesting. Definitely worth taking a look!