In this section, you will relate your personal impressions of the product to the reader. If you have actually tried the product, then discuss how it is working for you so far.

It is sometimes a good idea to structure this section as a little bit of a story. People relate well to stories and will often keep reading just to find out how well the story ends (in this case, to find out how well the product works).

Mention how you decided to buy this product after reading a number of positive reviews online. You were happy that it arrived promptly and undamaged. You unwrapped it and found it came with a special instructional DVD (perhaps you didn’t know it came with a DVD). You tried it out for the first time and were impressed by…

Well, you get the idea.

You can really go anywhere with this section. You don’t even need to tell a story if you don’t want to (though it might increase conversion rates!).

What is most important is that you are relating your experiences with the product, or your experiences researching the product (if you haven’t purchased it). Not only are you conveying helpful information to your reader, you are also building a relationship with him/her by giving them a tiny bit of insight into you as a person.

If you have purchased the product and you are relating your experiences with it, then this will likely be the longest section in your review.

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Thank you, great training and easy to follow.
josephthl Premium
Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it.
anindochk Premium
This is a killer training!!!! Great work! And the good part is, that you look like Mr Zuckerberg!
josephthl Premium
Thanks! Haha... that wouldn't be the first time someone mentioned that.
yessharon Premium
Great training on writing product reviews. Breaking it down into parts helped me to understand the process. Thanks.
josephthl Premium
Thanks! I tried to keep this training resource as organized as possible.
MugsK Premium
Hi Joe, This is by far the best resource on writting the product reviews. Especially for me as i still struggling to understnd how the IM works and how one should approach it. Thank you for your efforts and Keep up the good work.
I have a couple of Questions
1) Is ther any limit on the length of the review (no of words), somebody told me the longet the verticle scroll, the less chnages of people reading it.

2) Do you think, there should be separate website (domain) for each product review or one can have a common website and write as many reviews

3) can the same technique be used for wrtting a review article?

josephthl Premium

1) I would say that the word count really only depends on the product you're reviewing and whether or not you cover it in enough detail. I wouldn't focus on the word count so much, and focus more on trying to cover everything as best as you can.

If you follow the organization I give in this training resource, you will find your reviews will be 600 words+. My longest product reviews are 1000 words. My shorter ones are around 600 words.

2) You can go either way. For beginners starting out I usually recommend putting together a mini-site targeting one product. These require less work and are a good way to get the ball rolling. However, some people are saying that mini-sites are dead. In an article on my personal blog (, I reveal that there are strategic ways to go about mini-sites to make them profitable. Check out the article for more info.

3) Yes, these are the techniques used for writing a review article.
Hudson Premium
Hi there, excellent training material, on a topic I have been looking for to start working on for some time now, so for me very timely. Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to share this with us here at WA,
Best regards
josephthl Premium
No problem! I'm glad you found it helpful. With Christmas coming up, now is the time to get some product reviews out there.