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Wealthy Affiliate: The Affiliate Program Walkthrough


Hey everyone Kyle here from Wealthy Affiliate. Today I'm going to walk you through the WA affiliate program. I'm going to be showing you around everything that's included in the affiliate program. There is a lot to get through here and I'm going to try to get through it as quick as possible while at the same time explaining everything in detail so that you get the most out of it.

(00:26) So I'm basically on the affiliate page and you can access this page at any time within the Affiliate Program menu under the WA Affiliate Program link (00:37). So you can access this here, it's going to be down below the side menu if you are a starter member right now. So you will see it down below everything, you might have to scroll down to find it; or you can click the airplane up at the top here (00:51) and this will take you to this page as well. I'm just going to click it to show you. It takes you to the homepage.

(00:57) So that's the two ways that you can access the affiliate program page and this is where you're going to be able to get program details, your affiliate link, all your stats, referral information, messages and banners, as well as tracking which I'm going to be walking you through within this video. So those are the two places that you can access it. The easiest thing to do is just to click the airplane up here.

(01:21) This airplane actually signifies the Las Vegas incentive trip that we run every year, the super affiliate conference and you can get more information on this within this actual page. You can learn more here (01:35) and I explain what the conference is and I also explain what was covered in this past year and there are some pictures and that sort of thing as well so there is some pretty awesome information there. So yeah I'll cover that in more detail as we get into the video here and without further ado I'm going to get right into things.

(01:52 displayed title) The LUCRATIVE Affiliate Program!

(01:58) Alright I am on the program details page which is going to give you a complete overview of the WA affiliate program and how lucrative it can actually be for you. The affiliate program here is actually one of the most lucrative online and I think as I start explaining things here you are really going to get a good sense of that.

(02:16) As a premium member you are going to earn $22.50 for a monthly recurring commission and that's at the full rate. If you refer someone and they join under the $19 first month you will get an $8 commission for that. So first month is $8 and then thereafter is $22.50. The average affiliate sale works out to be $100 per sale (02:40), which is very high and if you have promoted Amazon products or any other products in the past you will realize that a lot of programs only pay like four or five dollars per sale; whereas, you are getting to promote something that you believe in here at Wealthy Affiliate and earn a good commission in the process.

(02:59) So one in eight people on average go yearly, I mean sorry go premium, and we are constantly working on improving Wealthy Affiliate to increase this conversion rate and this isn't necessarily through sales channels or that sort of thing; as our service continues to improve, people enjoy their experience a lot more and they get a lot more benefit out of it. Lot more people creating businesses and success which ultimately leads to higher conversion rate.

(03:32) And we have yearly membership here which is a great savings as well, and you earn $175 commission on that so if someone joins premium monthly and they decide they want to go yearly then you are going to earn $175 commission on that which is good for both of you because it's a savings for them as well. It works out to $29 per month, so yeah you $175 commission and there are not many commissions in this industry or any industry that are going to pay you that as well.

(04:05) So at the top here you are going to notice that there is a countdown and mine happens to say 219 because I am an affiliate through this account and as this counts down to zero it's going to give you an idea of where you are at in terms of the Las Vegas super affiliate conference. If you want to find more you simply click learn more here (04:28) and it's going to take you to a page that gives you more details on the super affiliate conference.

(04:37) You know you want to ideally be there and it is a good goal to work towards. Anyone that is there basically has a full time business in their hands because they are making 300 hundred sales and a lot of time in the thousands of sales per year which is pretty awesome. So I'm just going to quickly shoot over to this page and if you want to read about it you should go through this page and it outlines the affiliate program and the incentive and kind of what you get when you achieve that 300.

(05:08) So you're going to notice it countdown within the top header here as well. It's at 219 on mine now if you are just getting started yours will be at 300 and it counts down to 0. Once you reach 0 you have made Vegas and you will be contacted by us and welcome to our next super affiliate conference which we will organize with you. So that's pretty awesome there.

(05:30) So just more program details on this page; if you are a starter member you have access to bootcamp course number one here. This is awesome training. This is training that I have spent a considerable amount of time spec'ing out and creating and basically as you work through these phases you get to look over my shoulder as I'm creating a full time business. And I do actually create a full time business as I go through this course and you are going to see exactly how I do it.

(06:03) You can emulate me but ultimately I want you to take action and go a direction that fits you and create content in your own sort of way. We will get into that as we get into the bootcamp course further along but I just wanted to let you know that there are currently six. These are expanding regularly and you know by the time you make it to bootcamp course six you are pretty much assured to be earning a good amount of income and you have a business on your hands at that point.

(06:35) And at the bottom here you're going to notice a how much can you earn and you know you can enter any details that you want here. Referrals per day, let's say that I think that I can get 30 people to sign up to start membership per day and I'll just go with the average of 12% and say they stick around for 4 months. Notice that this is equating to $8900 recurring income per month.

(07:03) Over here say you can get 50 referrals per day at a 12% upgrade rate and a six month average retention you are looking at $22,000 recurring every single month. And this is realistic. Fifty referrals a day: there are affiliates getting this and you know all it takes is working through this training and taking action and this can and will become a reality for you if you are dedicated to it.

(07:28) So this is kind of like an overview of what can be accomplished and how much you earn with the affiliate program. I just want to mention that starter members, if you are a starter member currently you earn half the commission so $11.25 monthly recurring and $87.50 yearly commissions and $4 for the first month and that's explained below here so you will see that here as well. And again the bootcamp course number one is what's included in the starter and all the bootcamp courses are included in the premium.

(08:02) So I just wanted to clarify that. And to access the bootcamp and your current lesson at any time you simply access it through the menu over here (08:11). Simply click the Affiliate Bootcamp, this is a smart button, same with the Getting Started button, and if you click this it's going to take you the last lesson you that were on with the last completed task. So that's going to walk you right back to where you were within the training so there is no confusion there.

(08:31) The next thing I want to get into is the my stats page and I'm going to flip over to a starter account just because I know a lot of you are probably viewing this within the affiliate bootcamp training and a lot of you are starter so I'm going to show you the rest of these tabs as a starter member and kind of give you an idea of how it works and yeah it will give you an accurate respective of the system.

(08:57 displayed title) Getting Your Affiliate Link & Stats

(09:03) Here I am within a starter account. It looks very similar. The only thing that you are going to notice different down here on the left is the way you access the affiliate program; you're going to have to scroll down to the bottom here (09:13). So just scroll down and its going to shift the menu down and you'll find the WA Affiliate Program but you can also access this like I said in the top banner by clicking the airplane.

(09:25) So at the top here, this is the easiest way to get your affiliate link. So click the airplane. Come here. Your affiliate link is at the top. That's the link that you are going to share with others and that's going to give you credit for your referrals that you get here at Wealthy Affiliate. So share this with whoever you like, you can send an email to friends, you can share on your social networks and obviously as you go through the training you're going to be leveraging these affiliate links on your actual website that you are going to be creating.

(09:53) So that's the easiest way to get access to your affiliate link. If you click view more links here (09:58), that's going to take you to your links and tracking page which is also going to give you access to many different types of links. So that's how you quickly get your affiliate link. The first tab I'm going to discuss is the "My Stats" tab.

(10:13) So if you click "My Stats" here, obviously it's a bunch of zeros right now. I just created this account for this test and here you're going to see your clicks, your referrals, your sales, and your credits. So a click is a unique visitor that comes to Wealthy Affiliate through your affiliate link. So every time a unique visitor comes it's going to tabulate here (10:35). Obviously this is today, this week, this month, this year, and all time. So the numbers are going to be represented according to the data that comes in.

(10:46) A referral is someone that joins Wealthy Affiliate through your link as a starter member. So this is someone that comes in to Wealthyaffiliate.com or whatever avenue that you steer people towards and they join Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member; it's going to tabulate one referral here.

(11:06) So a sale is if someone joins as a premium member. If they join its going to tabulate one point here and basically how it works is a person could click, they could join as a starter member and they can also be referred as a sale so that would tabulate a one in each of these categories.

(11:28) Lastly, a credit is when someone creates their account, basically they set up their account they add a description and add an image to their account and those credits are worth $1 to premium members. So these can really add up (11:44). If you refer fifty people to a starter membership, on average 50% of those people are going to actually set up their account so you are going to earn an instant $25 in credit from that which can be a big deal and can really add to your bottom line as you start scaling your business.

(12:06) We do watch credits very closely for gaming so don't even think about trying to game this credit system because it's not going to work. You're not going to get paid and you're just going to end up wasting a lot of time. But the credit system for real users that you are inviting to Wealthy Affiliate is really going to add up. And these are paid to premium members only so just something that I should mention there as well.

(12:33) "Your next paycheck" is what's owed to you here. "Sales to Vegas" again is outlined there. "Pending approvals" are for yearly upgrades; there is a 90 day holding period on yearly upgrades and that's to prevent against charge backs and that sort of thing. These always go through so it's just there as a safeguard against that sort of thing.

(12:58) And then here is your earnings breakdown, today, yesterday, last 7 days, and this month. So as you start accumulating revenue it's going to show up there. And here below (13:07) are your stats: your overview of invites, new sales, recurring sales, and WA credits in the last thirty days and then your revenue breakdown. So as you start getting stats you're going to notice that there is a bar graph (13:22). So the bar graphs are going to show up here and detail your revenue and same with over here as well.

(13:44) Down here is the "entrance point campaigns." These are something associated with links and tracking which I'm going to be getting into. And at the very bottom for premium members you can cash out your credits once they reach a threshold of 20 credits, so you would slide the bar here to whatever credits you wanted to cash out, cash out credits, and they would be added to your next paycheck.

(13:59) So that's an overview of the "My Stats" page. I hope I offered some clarity there. And you know as you start getting stats it's going to make a lot more sense because the data is going to start being populated here and you're going to start seeing your revenue coming in, that sort of thing. The next tab I am going to discuss is the "My Referrals" tab.

(14:18 displayed title) Seeing Who You Invite

(14:23) Okay so moving on to the "My Referrals" tab. This is actually an important tab and as you go forward and you start accruing referrals it's going to serve more importance. I realize that this page is empty now because there are no referrals within this account and if you are brand new to Wealthy Affiliate you're not going to see any referrals here either, but basically it allows you to see who the people are that you are referring to Wealthy Affiliate.

(14:48) It allows you to communicate with them, offer them help, that sort of thing which can be instrumental in converting people as well as making them feel comfortable within Wealthy Affiliate. We are all here for the same goal, you know we want to create businesses online and if you can help people and help facilitate their experience here at Wealthy Affiliate it can play a big role.

(15:14) So this also gives you kind of a good gauge of how many people are converting to premium. Obviously you have this in your stats but it just gives you a visual of you know who the premium members are and who isn't and it gives you a breakdown of all your referrals. So there is nothing more complex to it, it's a fairly simply system but it gives you a good overview of the people that you are referring here to Wealthy Affiliate.

(15:42 displayed title) Links & Tracking

(15:47) The next thing we are going to discuss is "Links and Tracking" and to access this obviously I'm just going to click the top tab here to "Links and Tracking." (15:55) Here you're going to see all of my affiliate links: it's going to have Siterubix affiliate links which I'm going to explain. And it's also going to have your PPC conversion tracking (16:06): something that you might do down the road or if you have experience in the PPC world this is something that you can initiate right away.

(16:16) So what I'm going to do here is explain these: at the top here these are your WA affiliate links. So this is the affiliate link to the WA.com homepage (16:26) so if I click this, I'm just going to show you, it takes people to the WA.com homepage and you're going to see my affiliate link up here (16:33). If people click around anywhere to the site say they join through there or they join through another page you're still going to credit for it. Your affiliate link is going to disappear up here and that's fine the cookie has been set on their browser and you get full credit.

(16:50) Another thing that people don't know is that we offer lifetime cookies. So if someone closed this page and came back to Wealthyaffiliate.com directly you would still get full credit for that referral. If they delete their cookies you won't or if they come through another affiliate after you refer them you won't, it's not very typical that happens but it does on occasion and I just wanted to let you know that.

(17:18) But one thing that is awesome about our affiliate program, and there are very few in the world that offer this, is lifetime cookies so again if someone comes to Wealthyaffiliate.com through your affiliate links and they join a year down the road and still have your cookie in their browser you get full credit for this sale. So that's pretty awesome considering programs like amazon.com only offer 24 hours cookies.

(17:45) So I hope that adds some clarity to that. If you want to send people directly to the premium join page: if you want to bypass everything and just you know offer Wealthy Affiliate as a paid membership right away, you can do that (18:00). I do recommend that you get people into the starter membership first just because it allows people to experience Wealthy Affiliate and everything that's included here; the community, the support and that sort of thing before you try to refer them to a premium membership.

(18:20) We honestly want everyone to see what is offered here as a free member before they even have to consider signing up as a premium and you may be a starter member watching this video and that's what we want, we want you to have the best experience possible and to realize that Wealthy Affiliate is truly different from every other program in the industry. We do care and our focus is on helping people succeed and it's evident within our community here.

(18:52) And then if I wanted to take people directly to the create account page...it's not going to show because I'm logged into Wealthy Affiliate, but if I logged out and I clicked this affiliate link or used this affiliate link (19:03), it would take them to the create account form that's a direct sign up. You're not going to probably want to use this right away but you can and to test this you're going to want to log out of Wealthy Affiliate to test it.

(19:18) Siterubix: you can use the actual Siterubix as a funnel to get people to join Wealthy Affiliate, I'll just show you. So if you want to send people off to...say you have a friend or family member and you're like well go build a free website here, they can actually start the website building process and its going to take people inside Wealthy Affiliate. This is covered later on in the bootcamp but (19:46), "iwantawebsite" so someone could start building a website here on the page. [click]"Build my free Website!"

(19:54) It's going to take them through the process of joining Wealthy Affiliate through that as the funnel to get in. This is the website plugin that you can put on your website, that's covered later. Siterubix tracking links, same thing there. And then at the bottom here, PPC conversion tracking (20:12), this is not something that you are going to want to get into right away if you're just starting out but as you get more experience you're going to be able to track conversions right down to the keyword level within bing ads, Google Adwords, and Facebook ads which is pretty awesome and its going to give you granular data which you can really use to maximize your revenue and optimize your conversions.

(20:37) So that's the "Links and Tracking" page for now you're probably only going to need to use this top affiliate link and you might want to use this Siterubix link if you know of anyone that needs to build a website but besides that, this is going to be all covered in the affiliate bootcamp as you work through that.

(20:57 displayed title) Your Custom Messages to Referrals

(21:02) So the next thing here that I'm going to discuss is the "Messages" tab. As a starter member you're going to see three custom messages that you can send out to people that you refer to Wealthy Affiliate. This can be quiet helpful in terms of conversions and making people feel comfortable within the community. As you know there are a lot of scams in the industry and if you can welcome people in a way that makes them feel comfortable with the community here at Wealthy Affiliate (21:36), it is going to lead to a far better perception because people often join with the assumption that this might be just one of those other scams out there and you can really help them realize that it isn't and that there are real people here to help. We do our best on our end to communicate with everyone and to help them out, but this is your way of working with your referrals personally.

(22:03) And this allows you to send automated messages to them when they join and three days after joining if they complete their account, so if they add an image and add a description, you're able to send a particular message to those people. If they haven't added an image you can send a totally different message to them.

(22:27) So I recommend that you spend some time outlining these. This is covered in affiliate bootcamp as well so you might want to change them down the road as you learn more about these messages but basically this is your way of reaching out to your referrals and making them feel comfortable here within the community. So that's the "Messages" section. I am going to jump into the banners next here and then I'm going to wrap up this video.

(22:51 displayed title) Banners

(22:56) So up here I'm going to click the "Banners" and here is your page with all the banners that you can use to promote Wealthy Affiliate. I am not a huge advocate of overusing banners; text links have been proven over and over again to convert much higher. I explain this further along in the training but here are some banners if you have a website and would like to incorporate some banners.

(23:22) All the code here has affiliate links embedded in it already as you can see the affiliate link is right here. So you can actually add this to the text component of your Wordpress site or you can download the banners directly by clicking that link (23:36) and "saving the image as..." It's a page full of banners that you can utilize. We do add to this every once in a while as we see fit. So there are your Wealthy Affiliate banners.

(23:50 displayed title) We Want to See You in Vegas!

(23:55) And that is your overview of the WA affiliate program. I hope you have enjoyed this walkthrough. I tried to be as thorough as I could without spending five hours doing this video so I hope it made sense if you do have any questions feel free to leave them below the video. I also want to mention that our goal with our affiliate program is to help you build a business with it and that's what the training is here for.

(24:23) If you work through the training and take action you will absolutely be building a business so make sure you're going through the bootcamp course because our ultimate goal is to get each and every one of you to Las Vegas. It is possible for anyone to accomplish this and as you get moving through the affiliate program you're going to start seeing your countdown as you start making premium referrals here at Wealthy Affiliate.

(24:47) And you know as you go through bootcamp you're going to have a lot of interactive training there and you're also going to be able to get a lot of help from myself or anyone within the affiliate bootcamp community. So yeah I hope this overview was great and if you do have any questions leave them below and I look forward to working with you within the affiliate program here.

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