Hey everyone, Kyle here from Wealthy Affiliate. In today's lesson I want to discuss creating the framework for your website. As we did yesterday, we have an About Me, a Getting Started and a Privacy Policy. This isn't necessarily your framework here. Basically, your framework is going to consist of an elaboration of what the theme of your website is and within this lesson I've given you a bunch of ideas and suggestions as to what sort of direction you want to head.

(00:44) My personal theme here is way to avoids scam online. So ideally, I would want to create a menu within my website that would pertain to scams online and serve as a helpful experience for people that are looking to avoid scams online. So some of the natural menu items would be scam alerts, ways to avoid scams online, and then I could start getting into things like building websites and taking advantage of some strategies that are not scams and are really opportunities online.

(01:29) That's kind of the direction that I've decided to head with this website. Yours can be completely unique and you can be as creative as you want with your direction but that's going to be my starting point. I'm going to be tackling scams and scam alerts and discussing different types of scams online and help people avoid scams.

(01:52) Remember your goal is to help people and inform people and build trust and after you've built that trust that's the point when you can start making recommendations and you can start earning revenue from your website so that's what I'm going to be discussing today.

(02:09) Oh yeah one more thing before I get rolling here, many of you have probably noticed that there's this 404 error here on my website. This is simply because I have my homepage set up as a blog roll and I have no blog posts yet. So as I start adding posts they will be populating this page here so I just wanted to mention that before I get going here.

(02:32 displayed title) Adding My New "Theme" Pages

(02:38) So I've chose my initial themes. My initial starting three themes that I'm going to be adding on my website are build a website, scam alerts, and ways to avoid scams. So the first thing I'm going to do here is go over to the pages and create empty placeholder pages for these.

(03:02) While I'm in here I do have a few comments so I just want to quickly show you how to manage your comments here. So if you click comments within your menu: these are all real comments. So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to approve them. And for simplicity sake and so I don't take up a bunch of your time here I'm going to approve them.

(03:24) I usually don't allow people to get backlinks. In some cases if they add a good comment I will allow them to obtain a backlink, if it's a relevant comment and it's insightful, then I will. In this case I will. It really wont impact your ranking too much but you know if people are link hijacking your comments all over the place then it can dilute your website and your website quality and that's not something that you want.
(03:57) Anyways I just approved these comments and shortly here I'm going to take some time and I'll reply to all my comments. You want to make sure that you reply to all comments. And we will be getting into this a bit later on, but this is just basically how we manage your comments. So I just wanted to quickly mention that while I saw that here.

(04:19) So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go over to Pages here and I'm going to create these three brand new pages. So add a new page and ways to avoid scams online (04:35) so I'm just going to publish these right now just so that you can see them within my menu. So I'm going to add that one build a website (04:52) and these are all things you can change down the road if you wanted to change your theme to something else or add a new theme or change the wording or change the url you can change that at a later date as well.

(05:10) Create the last one scam alerts (typing) so this going to be a page where I'm going to be writing about particular scams, scammy products, and also quality products online so. Here we go, I've added those three. So if I scroll down here, you're going to see this exclude pages (05:35) within the menu. This is one of the initial plugins that we installed so this allows you to either include or exclude a page from your top menu on your website.

(05:49) So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to actually go back. I don't want the Privacy Policy to be within my main top menu; so I'm going to go change this. Change that. Save. So now I'm going to head over to my site (06:13) and I'm going to refresh the page and its going to show me the update. So here are the three new ones and my Privacy Policy is gone. I'm going to be adding that back shortly here within the side menu and when we get into side widgets.

(06:34) One thing I don't really like about this look: I don't like menus that go onto multiple lines. So I'm going to trim down this menu slightly by changing the title. Let me go back here. To pages...and this is the one that's too long (06:55) so I'm going to change this to avoiding scams, actually I'm going to call it top scams...actually no, I'm going to call it avoiding scams for now and as I said this is probably going to change as I go forward and I decide I want to change my website around.

(07:24) I'm just going to copy that and paste that in here as well. Click okay and its going to change my URL plug as well. I usually do that to keep my site clean and I'm going to update this and see if my website is now all on one line. Ideally it is. There we go. It looks much nicer and it's clean and I have my overall framework here.

(07:50) There we go; I have my website framework set up and now we are going to start moving forward with organization and developing content out. So there we go and in the next step here I'm going to be explaining how you can build out your ideas for what you are going to write within your theme.

(08:12 displayed title) How to come up with writing "ideas"?

(08:17) So now I'm going to show you how to actually build out your theme or topical idea. So on my site here my new topical ideas are avoiding scams, build a website, and scam alerts. Ideally we want to come up with ten different page or post ideas that we can write about in each topic and this will give us some writing ammunition to start off with.

(08:46) so I'm just going to use the build a website as an example here and I'm going to show you how you can quickly and easily build out these ideas. I'm going to use a tool called ubersuggest.org u-b-e-r "suggest".org and I've left this URL within the tutorial as well so you can grab it from there, but basically what this does is if I type in build website here;

(09:12) It's going to go through the alphabet and give me ideas on search terms throughout the entire alphabet. So generally speaking, here are just build website terms. And then it just goes through the alphabet a - b - c all the way down. As you can see, there are a ton of different build website ideas. I can also add the term build a website. Suggest. And it's going to use build a website. So these are common things that people are looking in Google.

(09:55) I have tons of ideas here, "build a website blog". People are looking for "build a website make money". These are all topics I could write about in that category. "Build a website with Wordpress"; something we are all familiar with. "Build a website software"; something that we have access to at Wealthy Affiliate and a promotion can be tied in (10:23). "Build a website cheap"; it's free to build a website at Wealthy Affiliate. "Build a website for dummies" and on and on and on so -"build a website easy"- so these are all topics that I could build out on.

(10:40) And that's only tackling the search term "build a website". Like there are a lot of things that are relevant to building a website. Like if I typed in Wordpress websites. I could get a ton more terms here. See and these could all fit quite nicely into that category. You know I have hundreds of terms there.

(11:06) Another thing that I do is this; I've coined this The Alphabet Soup Technique. And there's a video here at Wealthy Affiliate and I've shared it within this lesson. You can do the exact same thing in Google and Google will give you ideas. So build a website a - b - c - so you can walk through the alphabet in the same way - with (11:31). There are a lot of things you can do. You can also go before the term: "how much does it cost to build a website." So you can populate it from the front, like preceding or proceeding the actual search term that you're interested in and you'll get a ton of ideas that way on topics that you could write about.

(11:57) Google tends to be quite current and with their Google instant algorithm here they provide you with insight into popular terms that people are typing in. and you know they give you the top four examples of terms that people are typing in. I tend to use both of those to come up with ideas (12:20). these aren't quite formulated keyword ideas yet so just come up with ten different ideas within your particular topic/theme and then so you should have thirty ideas within this lesson and yeah ubersuggest and just using this good ol' Google search and you will be able to come up with ideas in no time for your topic.

(12:49 displayed title) Our Vision is Starting to Take Shape!

(12:55) So that's pretty much it for today. We just wanted to get our website framework out of the way, come up with some ideas, and basically be prepared to move forward with our website development here. You should have five or six items within your menu here, I could remove the search bar down the road within the website template to create more room or I could start creating a second tier menu so I could create a menu with submenu items here.

(13:28) These are things that I can worry about down the road but I have my initial framework that I'm quite happy with. And then moving forward we are going to start developing content and creating homepages for each of these topics. So there we go that's all for today and I hope you enjoyed this lesson.

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