Hey everyone, Kyle here from Wealthy Affiliate. Today I just wanted to walk you through the process of creating a review and kind of give you an outline of what a review for Wealthy Affiliate should look like. So I'm going to head over to posts here (00:21). We are going to be creating this review as a post because we are going to start getting our blog roll rolling with content.

(00:29) If I go to my website here you're going to see that it shows a 404 error. There are actually no errors with my site other than the fact that I don't have any content on my homepage and that's a result of not having any posts. So what we are going to do is publish our initial post here. It's going to be our Wealthy Affiliate review. Its' going to be our first post and then going forward we are going to be posting content more regularly.

(01:04) If we go back here, you're going to see I've created a post already. It's called Wealthy Affiliate Review - My Unique Take. You can call yours something a bit different. You could call it anything related to Wealthy Affiliate. You might want to call it something that would get indexed in Google. Just like (01:25) "Wealthy Affiliate" so here are some terms that people are looking for when they are searching for wealthy affiliate: "wealthy affiliate review 2013" is something that would probably be relevant for now, - "reviews," - "complaints;" you know it's just the typical stuff that people type in when looking for a product.

(01:49) Obviously wealthy affiliate review is going to be the most common term and that's the term I'm leveraging and hoping that at some point I'm going to get rankings under it. So yeah that's the title of the post. If we head into the post here, (02:05) you're going to see that I've actually already created the review. I've spent a little time going through and creating this review.

(02:16) And you're going to want to do the same and give your personal review of Wealthy Affiliate. This is what I would call more of a pillar article. And your review should be thorough and in depth of Wealthy Affiliate and broken down in a way that's easy to understand. Since this isn't going to be my last review; I'm going to be reviewing products regularly.

(02:45) The theme of my site is way to avoid scams online so I'm going to be reviewing products regularly, so what I'm going to want to do is I want to have a common review template and I'll be providing this within this lesson. But my template is going to look very similar for any product that I review.

(03:09) So here's my title of the review, I break it down into a few criteria points, an overall ranking, which I'm going to be doing for all the products, price point, owners, and the website, this is my affiliate link here (03:25) and an image and that's just a screen capture of inside Wealthy Affiliate and I have that linked to my affiliate link as well which you can see if I go here (03:38) I've updated that link so that goes to my affiliate link.

(03:43) So every review I create will have an "introduction." It's going to have a "pros versus cons." It's going to have a "product overview." It's going to be "who is it for." It's going to have a "training and tools section" and it's going to have a "support." I've kind of changed this title around a little bit.

(04:11) And you can be creative as well, but this is the section on support. I'm going to be telling people within all my reviews what support is offered within that community. And "the price," I explain the price, and you know all the different aspects of the price points. Then I give my final opinion and a summarized overview again with my overall ranking, the point scale, and the overall verdict.

(04:43) After someone reads this review they're going to have a really good idea of what Wealthy Affiliate is. They're going to have insight into my personal experience with it and after reading they're going to have a quick little overview where they are going to determine whether or not Wealthy Affiliate will be for them. And of course at the end I've provided an opportunity for people to leave a personal review or experience or questions or comments or feedback and my name.

(05:19) So I've personalized it at the very end so hopefully people will leave reviews and comments but yeah that's basically the gist of it. So this is the template (05:29) I'm going to use. And when I go forward and create more reviews, I'm going to kind of be following these conventions with every single review and I do recommend that you will want to do something similar.

(05:45) It doesn't have to be exactly the same and I do not recommend copying everything that I do because you want to be unique in your own way but yeah keep things structured and keep things easy for your audience to understand else they're going to get confused and if there is no continuity between your reviews, it's going to be difficult for people to absorb the information on your site. So right now I'm going to go publish my page here (06:14). It's been a draft; I've been saving it as a draft while I've been working on it and I've been kind of waiting for this video so I could publish it. And now I'm going to be able to go to my website. Do a quick refresh here.

(06:29 displayed title) Text

(06:34) So that's not working. It didn't update for some reason. My blog post should be rolling down the page and you should see my latest blog post. But I know exactly why this is happening and I'm kind of glad that it came up so I can show you what happened here. So if I go down to my (06:54) settings - reading; that's where you manage the controls of your blog posts and kind of what your home page is. And it's set to a static page but it doesn't have any front page set or posts page set.

(07:11) What I want is I just want it to be my latest posts. So the front page of my website I want it to display my latest posts and this is where you could manage. If you wanted your front page to be say, Build a Website page and then you could create a separate page for your blog roll you could do that here (07:31). But as I've said, I just want my latest posts to be on the home page so I'm going to save changes here. Then I'm going to go back to my website and I'm going to do a refresh and it should work here.

(07:46) So here's my review here. And as you can see, its showing up and as I get more reviews obviously this page is going to fill out. It's going to have multiple pages down here. Someone coming to my website is going to view my site as being current because our plan here is to continually update our site and continually add content. Not only will Google like that but people coming to your site, they are going to see okay this post was created on Feb 8 or you know this post was created yesterday or last week.

(08:26) That makes your site appear a lot more current instead of having static pages all over the place. That's one of the reasons that we want to make the homepage or the page that people go to upon visiting the root of your website to be our blog roll, so it's going to appear a lot more current.

(08:46 displayed title) Trading Affiliate Links for Your Review Link

(08:52) One thing that I'm going to do before I leave you today is I'm going to go through my site and I'm going to add my review to replace some of the affiliate links on my site. When I mentioned Wealthy Affiliate, say I mentioned it in my Build a Website page or my Getting Started page I would rather take someone to a thorough review then always just driving them straight to Wealthy Affiliate.

(09:20) It's almost like a presale and it's going to be a lot more effective than just pushing people to Wealthy Affiliate directly and it will give me some controls in the future as I'll be able to test and refine my review page to maximize overall conversions. I'll be able to offer bonuses on this page (09:41) in the future so by make this kind of my entrance into wealthy affiliate it's going to be quite powerful and give me a lot more control.

(09:53) So I'm just visit this page and what I'm going to do is I'm going to grab this link here (09:57) and now I'm going to go back to the editor I'm just going to show you how to do this on one page. But I'm just going to go to say my About Me page (10:06) and I'm going to change this to Wealthy Affiliate. And I'm going to change that link there so I'm going to click link button (10:32) and I'm going to change that to my actual review. So here you can see my review link here. This one's fine because it goes directly to my Wealthy Affiliate profile.

(10:49) So I'm going to update that page and go to view my page and I'm just going to show you what I mean. Scroll down and find that link, I passed it. There it is (11:06). So click that and it's going to take me to my review. Now it's interlinking to pages on my site, that's good for crawling as well. Google is going to like that as Google doesn't like affiliate link bombing all over your site either. So this is beneficial in a number of ways it's going to give you control in the future to maximize conversions and Google's going to like that you centralized your affiliate links and they're not spread out everywhere and yeah it's going to be better for seo.

(11:46) So there you go, there's review pages in a nutshell and you can read my Wealthy Affiliate review and get some ideas for yourself if you like. I kind of have a unique take because I am the cofounder so it's going to be a bit different perspective then you will have of Wealthy Affiliate. But I have full confidence that you will have no problems relaying your thoughts about Wealthy Affiliate so there you go there's the review and I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough.

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This is an absolutely wonderful addition. I first saw this with NPR and realized how helpful it is. You're right Kyle and Carson, this does not replace the videos but it is a great additional refrence. THANK YOU!
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lol thank you very much. im working on the other videos so it should be fully completed in a few days =)
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Thank you both Jean and Beverly as it will make it easier to go back to a particular video if needed. Rich
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I ran across Beverley's when someone that was hearing impaired asked about it for the getting started course. Because so many people are doing the bootcamp as well I thought it would be a good idea. She helped me make it pretty =)
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It's a great idea. Lots of work but it will be so worth it to many.