Hey everyone, Kyle here from Wealthy Affiliate. It is day 10 of the bootcamp. I just wanted to congratulate everyone for making it this far. I know everyone has put in a lot of hard work and from what I've seen you've all made wonderful progress. So this is day ten of the first phase of the bootcamp. It's going to continue ten days from now so you're going to get a ten day break here which doesn't mean you can just sit on your hands for ten days.

(00:33) You want to keep building and working on your site during that period but yeah you can take breaks. It's kind of a period where you can look back at what you've done and continue building off of that because we are going to be getting into some brand new material in the corresponding phase. Again congratulations thus far and today we are going to be talking about ways to keep in the know within the industry and ways to find ideas for content so without further ado I'm going to get right into this lesson.

(01:11 displayed title) Using Google Alerts

(01:17) The first tool we are going to be using is Google Alerts. Some of you may have heard of Google Alerts and some of you may not have, but basically what it is, is it allows you to be notified by Google when particular items are being indexed into their search results. So basically it's allowing you to keep in the know when new content is being published and it really allows you to stay on top of things within a particular industry.

(01:48) In this case, we're going to try to stay on top of the internet marketing, internet business, that sort of industry. But basically you can watch any keyword you want within that industry, so what I've done here (02:03) is I've logged into my kyle@wealthyaffiliate.com account. You're going to want to log into your Google account to do this cause it's tied to a Gmail account cause that's where it's delivered. You can also deliver it to a feed but it's easiest just to get delivered to your email and I do it once a day. But yeah, you'll need a Google account, they're free, and what we are going to do is set up search queries relevant to Wealthy Affiliate.

(02:36) One thing that I'm also going to be leveraging here is the targeted audience tutorial (02:41) because this is a lot of different audiences that we are going to be able to keep an eye on within the industry. So naturally my website is about ways to avoid scams online, so ideally I want to keep on top of internet scams and scams and new scams and likely new products within the industry; but if we head over to the targeted audiences tutorial here (03:07), say your website was focused on social marketing, you would want to create alerts relevant to that: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

(03:20) I'll walk you through a few here. So "internet scams." So here are the alerts that I would have gotten for today from Google. So I'm going to create an alert under this (03:34), internet scams. And you can see here that you can manage all of your alerts, and then I'm going to create another one.

(03:42) I also want to keep in the loop with internet marketing + new products. So any new internet marketing products that launch I am also going to keep in the know and I am going to be able to write reviews about products related to that. And say that maybe I'm going to want to know about affiliate marketing (04:05). So get alerts about affiliate marketing if my blog was about affiliate marketing. I could take some ideas from here and write about them on my site and things that are taking place within the industry.

(04:21) I could type "new affiliate programs" and here is a bunch of new affiliate programs. So you are kind of getting the gist. "Twitter marketing": so here is a bunch of stuff that is just being indexed today. So this allows you to keep on top of the industry and allows you to keep in the know of all the products. So you can use this for product reviews, you can use this for content, and you can use this just to keep up to speed with the industry.

(04:55) So I recommend that you go to Google Alerts and that you create four or five alerts relevant to your website theme and topics that you are going to be covering on your website as well. Like another one that I might want to do is "building websites" because I have that page on building websites: so how to earn a living building websites, and all that sort of stuff.

(05:20) So I can keep in the know. I can review products that are relevant to the website builder at Wealthy Affiliate. I can keep people up to date on things that are happening by creating my own content around these ideas. So there you go, that's just a quick overview of Google Alerts and you can leverage this with the target audience tutorial at Wealthy Affiliate. I'll leave the link within the lesson but you can also just do a search for target audiences and it will come up. So there you go, that's Google Alerts.

(05:59 displayed title) Using Q & A Sites

(06:04) The next thing I am going to show is a strategy I use to find ideas for content and to do this I use either how to sites or question and answer sites. You may also use a technique similar to this but I just wanted to walk you through the process of doing this and how you can come up with a ton of ideas related to your website and your niche and the pages on your website. So I'm just actually going to open my website here and I'm going to show you what I mean here.

(06:36) So I have avoiding scams, scam alerts, build a website...so that's the initial framework of my website. If I got to ehow.com, this is basically a directory of how to articles you know there are hundreds of thousands of articles, and I'm going to get an idea of how to articles related to in this case I've done a search for "internet scams." (07:00) This is going to give me a bunch of ideas that I can then create a list out of, in either Google docs or Word or text pad or wherever I like, of ideas of content that I could write about.

(07:15) So I could write how to avoid internet fraud, I could write an article about that, and perhaps I allow people to post things that they have been ripped off by online. "How to report attempted internet scams;" that sort of thing. So this is giving me a lot of ideas. "Reporting scams:" so I could elaborate on this and I can just get a ton of ideas related to the scam component of my site.

(07:41) And I could do the same with...let's say I wanted to do the same with affiliate marketing, if I have a section on my site related to that. "How to start affiliate marketing," "about online affiliate marketing programs," "how does affiliate marketing work," "how to make money in affiliate marketing;" (07:56) so these are all things that not only are people writing about but that people are obviously are searching about within Google and other search engines. So if you could start tackling content that is related to this, this will give you a boost within the search engines and it will give you ideas to start building out different sections within your site. So this is a powerful website in this respect.

(08:25) I'm just going to head over to Yahoo Answers here as well and show you how this works. See I can do the same thing here with "internet scams" and do a quick search. Make sure you use this search bar here (08:37). Again it's answers.yahoo.com. Use this search bar because if you use this one at the top that's just going to do a normal Yahoo search whereas this one searches questions that people have answered within this directory.

(08:53) So search this. This is basically a list of questions that people have submitted to the site through this ask form up here (09:03) related to internet scams. "Who else is sick of these internet scams and links," "can anyone tell me how to report internet scams," "who actually monitors scams;" so here I have a ton of ideas you know there are how many down here, 40,000 results related to this.

(09:24) And you know I'm going to be able to get a pretty good pulse on the scam component of the industry just by sifting through some of these questions. It's going to give me ideas, it's going to give me the tone of the industry and what people are thinking and saying. Not only is it going to give me content ideas that I can use on my website but it's also going to give me insight into what questions people are asking, how they are asking them and why they are asking them. So this is important for understanding your audience and your potential customers as well.

(10:02) I could do the same thing...I could type in say "internet marketing" which is relevant to everyone at Wealthy Affiliate and that's promoting Wealthy Affiliate. So do a quick search here. (10:13) And look at that, the first question, "what internet marketing forum is unique and no spam." So you could write an article about internet marketing forums with no spam and easily promote Wealthy Affiliate because we are probably the only community out there that doesn't support spam and loads of signature links and that sort of thing. So already I have gotten an idea from that.

(10:42) "Top e-books," "learn internet marketing basics from..." so there's a ton and ton and ton of ideas that you're going to get from this. So I recommend creating a document, recording them, and kind of picking off different themes that you are going to use for your site. Like if I created an internet marketing section I could probably come up with fifty ideas of different things that I could write about on my website from this one search alone. So, pretty powerful stuff.

(11:10) Obviously don't copy content; you don't want any duplicate content this is strictly for ideas for content on your website. So those are two of the many how to and question and answer sites out there. There are many others if you do a search in Google you can find a bunch more like wikihow and wikianswers, there's a bunch of them out there. But these are a couple of techniques that I use when I am stuck for ideas and looking to find out more information about my niche and what people are asking and that sort of thing.

(11:45) And I hope this is helpful and I hope you enjoy your ten day break and will be right back into things in the next ten days here. So keep working at things, keep moving forward, keep building out your site, and kind of keep the foot on the gas here cause we are just getting rolling here and a lot of awesome and new topics are going to be discussed in the next ten lessons of the training. So again, congratulations on your hard work so far and yeah enjoy your ten day break

(Ending displayed title) See You in 10 Days!

**The break was mandatory when Kyle was first putting up the bootcamp because well there was no course 2 available yet! Premium members can move on when they feel they are ready to without any delay. And of course big CONGRATULATIONS for everyone that has come this far! Keep it up =).

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