Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been? O Successful Affiliate Marketering Entrepreneur Offline?

Last Update: November 04, 2019

Many times people ask us where are you going and where have you been when we travel around the world visiting different places.

Our successful affiliate marketing works on a very similar parallel and I wonder, where are you going with your affiliate marketing, where have you been?

What has worked for you and what hasn't worked for you?

What has helped you discover the best niche market FOR YOU? Not for someone else.

Are you happy with the website you are creating, or have you stagnated?

Is it easy to write blog after blog after blog after blog after blog, or do you have writer's block?

Are you quite content with your design, logo and slogan? Or do they seem flat?

These questions and many others are always going around in my head and perhaps they are swimming back and forth in your mind too.

You may WELL ask where have I been lately, since I've just written a blog on the fact that I've been here 6 years now at WA and how I have appreciated all the help and the knowledge I've gained over the years.... but what about now? What about redeeming the time now?

Well, I have definitely been redeeming the time as a successful affiliate marketing entrepreneur OFFLINE!

Now there's a new concept!

It came to me when I was attending a Craft Market selling the items I've created in order to earn an immediate income whilst I continue training at WA learning more and more about Affiliate Marketing and how best to tweak my website/s to their greatest potential.

I saw someone selling Homemade Soaps, and that REALLY got my attention as I all for better natural environment friendly cleaning agents and I found out what ingredients were being used and decided this was a winner!

During my conversation with the soap guy, I plucked up the courage to ask him if he would mind me becoming an affiliate. His reply was a question, "What is an affiliate?"
So I duly explained and he was quite happy for me become an affiliate for him and thus began my journey of selling Homemade Soaps and earning a commission from them!

Who says that Affiliate Marketing is limited on online? No one said, I'm just making a point that there is more to Affiliate Marketing than meets the eye and there are many ways in which this can be accomplished.

This little venture has led to even greater things, and that is that I am now making my very own Homemade Soap from scratch to finish, and I DO plan to make my own website and so would have come full circle back to the internet!

This is where I'm going momentarily, and that's where I've been.

Where are you going, and where have you been, O successful affiliate marketing entrepreneur? Offline?

Would be great to hear from you and your experience along your affiliate marketing journey!



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CordeliaN Premium
What a great post.
I like what you did, I like what you have achieved. Thank you for taking the time to post. 👍
TopAchiever Premium
I am thankful that you have gleaned from the post, I have succeeded in encouraging and inspiring! :-)
Thank you for your affirming comment, much appreciated.
JerryMcCoy Premium
You saw and opportunity and capitalized on it. WAy to go.
TopAchiever Premium
Thanks Jerry for understanding where I was going with this, yes, there was a great opportunity and it seemed right to pursue it.
JeffreyBrown Premium
That's an interesting idea, Edu!!

FKelso Premium
Your being an "affiliate" of the soap guy is like being a Sales Rep. You sell to other people for the company, and when things sell, you get a little commission.

I'm putting one foot in front of the other and clearing one hurdle at a time. I'm getting there.
Joes946 Premium
Edu, great post and great ideas. I am going to build my next website on my travel experience.
TopAchiever Premium
You will do well with your website on travel as that is a lot of what a greater percentage of people do every day!
Here's to your successful travel website!
Let me know how you progress, and if you need any help, let me know.