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Many times people ask us where are you going and where have you been when we travel around the world visiting different places.Our successful affiliate marketing works on a very similar parallel and I wonder, where are you going with your affiliate marketing, where have you been?What has worked for you and what hasn't worked for you?What has helped you discover the best niche market FOR YOU? Not for someone else.Are you happy with the website you are creating, or have you stagnated?Is it easy
How Time Flies? Or Does It?What do you do with your time and do you spend it wisely?What do you do with spare time?Do you kill it?Why do people use the phrase, "Great way to kill time"?Many are the questions about time, time and time again....My challenge to you is, How Are You Spending Time, Does Every Second Count?I have been at Wealthy Affiliate now for 6 years and I have gained much knowledge and improved my skills immensely over the years and am very grateful to all who have assisted and
Many people see successful affiliate marketers and think, well if the odds are against me, I don't see how to start with affiliate marketing, I'm not one of those successful people.As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he!How To Start With Affiliate Marketing1/ Start With The Right MindsetMany of us have already given up in our thoughts before we have even started. Banish the negative thoughts that seek to pull you down and embrace the positive points listed here and you will surely succeed!2
Having read many questions over the past few days, there were a few members who were asking about the Product Review Plugin that has been recommended and how to use it.I though it fitting to create training for it in step-by-step text format especially for those who prefer text.So if you want to know how to use the WP Product Review Lite Plugin from Wordpress, here it is:WP Product Review Lite Plugin Training
During Your Giving Comments, Have You Encountered: Name Field Required?I was busy giving a comment in SiteComments and when I had finished I clicked on the green Submit button and the following error came up:Does anyone know what this means?Looking forward to your replies!
What Do You Think Of Facebook's Launch In To Its Own Global Coin Crypto-Currency?Mark Zuckerberg is firing on all cylinders for his launch in to Facebook's very own Global Coin in 2020. Negotiating with the Bank Of England and the US Treasury, he seems to be well on his way to making this happen by dotting all his 'i's' and crossing all his 't's' covering himself making sure it will become a success.How Does Facebook's Global Coin Currency Affect Affiliate Marketers?If the Global Coin Currency
Have You Ever Wondered If Your Pay It Forward Is Paying Off?Many times we give so much without reserve to help others and we can become disillusioned by it if we think our effort are in vain.Just last night, I discovered the dynamic effect paying it forward has had on a fellow WA Member.Reading through my unread messages, I found one from someone who was very gracious, grateful and thankful.As I continued to read the words, I couldn't contain the depths of my emotions which knew no bounds and t
Best Challenge Ever For 80 Year Old Pensioner To Become Affiliate Marketer!Have you ever tried to start learning affiliate marketing for beginners when you have lived a full life and are 80 years of age?I didn't think so, although there may be a handful of people out there with the tenacity and determination of my father who are taking up the challenge and running with it!CREATING THE BEST WEBSITE FROM SCRATCH!So how on earth is he able to do all this and take it in?Well, I convinced him to sig
Can Anyone Tell Me Accurately, What The Web Hosting Features Are At WA?I'm busy compiling an extensive comparison review and need to know the nitty-gritty of the specific web hosting features of WA Hosting.For Example:Is it:1/ Shared Web HostingOR2/ VPS Web Hosting (doubt it...)OR3/ Dedicated Hosting (which I doubt very much, but may be surprised :-))OR4/ Cloud Web Hosting?OR.... is it a combination of any of the four options listed above?I want to be accurate in my declaration of what WA h
The quote I want to share today that I saw on Instagram, which inspired me greatly, is: If you're not failing every now and again, it's a sign you're not doing anything very innovative.What does that have to do with the heading: Best Driver Power: State Failure Issue?Good thing you asked!We are all driven powerfully to do something and sometimes we fail over and over again. But does that mean we are failures?No! Not at all!If we reassess the situation and state what the issue is that is causi