I am in shock!

Last Update: June 21, 2018

Yes, I am in shock!

I knew that Jaaxy and WA were powerful but I had no idea that a single post could make this huge of an impact!

The above screenshot shows my stats from today so far and it's only just after 1pm here in Michigan, there are still 11 more hours in the day!

I am in total shock!

16,401 pageviews to the MOBE member Federal Trade Commission Shutdown post.

92.46% of those visitors are new visitors that have never before today been to my website.

6,321 of those visitors have come from Organic Searches.

The stats above, if you're wondering, can't be seen by visitors, they are available with the Free SUMO plugin. (Google Analytics Integrated)

Also, I am not nor have I ever been a member of MOBE, I do have Friends who were and/or are now members.

I'm really excited and looking forward to seeing what the final numbers are tonight and also in seeing the monetary results as well.

Thank you Friends, WA & Jaaxy!


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Nickoy Premium
That's awesome Tony, very Awesome. Now I can bet the revenue you will get from that will be awesome too. Thanks for sharing your post and about the SUMO plugin.
I would like to learn some more about the SUMO plugin. Can you enlighten me on that, please? Thank you.

BrendaW1 Premium
cliffstarks Premium
That's awesome!
SachiKashi Premium
Memorylaneuk Premium
Wow just Wow!
wendyg53 Premium
I still am confused as to why MOBE was so popular. It seemed like a lot of money was required up front to see any results with that program.

Congratulations on your stunning traffic numbers! If I was inclined to write about this, which I am not, I think my next post would be geared toward enticing discouraged former MOBE members to join WA. ;-)
ERichardson1 Premium
My brother I was apart of m o b e however I did not like the direction that they were going so I left months before I became a member of my wealthy affiliate I am so happy that I did he had a great idea however I do believe the money went to his head and also the fame and Glory
JonLake Premium
Great stats. It was a very hot topic. We were in it!!! Fallout for many has been enormous with some saying its like a bereavement! Many have thousands invested and will see none of it back.
High ticket affiliate programs are great but they all seem to be going the same way, so I would guess that they will become a thing of the past quite soon.
Sad to see but hey ho - onwards and upwards!
Hollshope Premium
Exciting news. Congratulations that's awesome! I'll have to check Sumo out.
KevinClay Premium
Awesome! Good to know...
VicLees Premium
great to be a winner isn't it?