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Dear fans,It´s been a while, but I am working hard to get my project from the ground. That brought me to the point that I had to take a break from my interdimensional flight and get back to Wealthy Affiliate with an important message for all of you.Are you making plans for your new resolutions in 2020?STOP!Don´t, because you should change now, don´t wait for next year, the change is within you, just start doing it now. You hold the world into your own hands. Keep on going and
Dear fans and readers,10 days to countdown and I will fly over to Scotland finally. The preparations of moving over my stuff is still ongoing. Packing roughly 400 banana boxes is not something that is light of the taking. It is more work as I ever could have imagined.Once I am moved over I will settle down and start through my website project. I am exited to the beautiful and adventurous time coming. Wealthy Affiliate included.I will uncover all Scottish mysteries and paranormal activity and le
Dear fans and readers,Two years with Wealthy Affiliate and it still rocks. Although I am not that often online here, that will change in the near future as I am in the porcess of moving my home and offices to another country and that takes a lot of preparation.It is a huge undertaking I can tell you and I am happy I am hosted with Wealthy Affiliate keeping my websites up and running in the meantime. It is a no brainer to stay member forever, for what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, it is worth
Dear fans and readers,Facebook has announced a new algorithm update for groups and live pages people are most interested in. It will imporant that you look up how your own group(s) are doing as well to keep your live page alive on a regular base.Facebook is looking up how long someone is member in a group and for how long they are following your page. I tall adds to the score you will have according to the new algorithm update.Who of you is using groups and for what purpose? Do you think groups
Dear fans and readers,As you could have read from my previous post here, I mentioned a new (well they started in 2014) social media platform that can help you to thrive your business and why Instagram is losing tension for marketers like us.Now do not all jump on the bandwagon, before you have read this post as I am going to explain you for who ELLO really is.I signed up yesterday and in one day I have learned a lot and I like to share that with you. It is very important to know that this socia
Hello everyone,In March I started to use Instagram and after 2,5 months of use, over 400 posts, almost 600 followers I can say I am not exactly convinced using Instagram as a great social tool for my projects.Now Instagram is not bad, do not get me wrong, but Instagram is moving towards specializing on the bigger sharks selling advertisement and use your data to analyse what advertisement to show you in your personal feed.The Big SharksIf you are a big shark, Instagram might work for you after
Dear fans and readers,After the provided helpful training from Kyle here: Started with Instagram Now!I decided to lay a hand on and started with my first posting on my Instagram Account today! I will follow up Kyle and Carson in the way they are building and so should you. Why I am saying this? Well because I booked success right after putting up my photo with my funny text.For days I did not know what to put up as first photo. T
Dear fans and readers, newbies,Please if you decide in giving site comments here through Wealthy Affiliate, there is a big difference between site comments and site feedback.Site Comments!If you are requested to give a discussion about the topic, you cannot expect from the comment receiver to accept a website feedback or a general statement. A discussion about the topic means you talk about the story content, this can include videos then you watch those too, if it is a review you give your inpu
Dear fans and readers,Yay, wow finally one milestone reached, my first one. The milestone to have my first 1000 Pinterest followers with a reach of over 500.000 visitors a month to my boards. It is even better than that and still growing. I worked 6 months on this to get where I am now and I continue using Pinterest for my business model as I can see it is a great way to expose your website and blogs to the crowd.Success with Pinterest! You Can Too!You can do the same. Make use of #hastags for
Dear fans and readers,There is a new blackmail email scam going around to blackmail you to pay 2000$ in Bitcoins to an address or face a sexual video of you being spread. Do ignore this message as it is another scam to get your money!This is the email, so you know what to look out for.LAST WARNING ........@.........!You have the last chance to save your social life - I am not kidding!!I give you the last 72 hours to make the payment before I sendthe video with your masturbation to all your frie