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Last Update: December 27, 2016

There are so many internet marketing businesses out there, of all grades and qualities, from downright scams all the way up to incredibly trustworthy authority sites with a monetary turnover of 10 000 + per month, operated by individuals who are sought out - they appear on TED talks, are interviewed by leading business magazines, and their valuable time is a high-grade commodity. They stand out. For people and robots alike.

What have these people done, to speed up their platform university learning, to incorporate their online lessons in a more outstanding way? They are often asked this...

There stands out a single answer, time and time again.

I found a master. A mentor. I found someone who would help me build a " Lamborgini" website and business, as I , a "Volkswagen" type website builder, was learning the ropes...

....suddenly running and gulping for air, with the realization that this is real. This will be a business shortly. My business. Time to start cleaning up my schedule and the picture I still have of myself. Better start believing it. Wow!

This is what a quality mentor will do. He will accelerate your process. You will feel a bit dizzy at first, he knows that. He will SHOW. He will TELL. He will share your screen and talk to you. And then, he will say, TRY IT. And you will be DOING.

And you will be pleasantly shocked and surprised at what you are doing! High-level customizing. Putting in coding. Writing, more than ever, but with a strong focus. With new ease and new confidence. Working at different levels of a fast-growing web presence. You may feel overwhelmed. Don't worry. He will give you time. And homework! Will he let you skip lessons? NO. They are interwoven in full, in the homework.

There is a difference between having a highly qualified mentor, who won't pull you over a barrel. He is working for you. There is mutual independence and mutual respect. And a masterpiece starts to evolve.....

You will start to get a feel for where you are headed. A taste of what awaits at the next level. And the next....after that.....

Do we have such people here within WA? We do. And you know what? If you are both members of the world's most progressive website-building platform, there will be no conflict of interest, and you won't be faced with exhorbitant commitments, such as outside mentors demand on a regular basis.

It's a stroke of luck to meet someone like this, and they are ordinary, everyday, wonderful people like you and me. In fact they are discreet and humble, very human and with a great sense of humor. They are friends. They are honest. No hidden agendas, just loving the work they do, and the people they meet while doing it.

Like someone many of you know. The Teddy Bear. Chris Scott. He's too humble to "sing his praises" himself. So I will do it for him. I love our sessions so much. There is so much patience, while, at the same time you achieve and accomplish, suddenly realizing that you are doing more than you ever believed possible...

Yes, he is one of them, no matter what he says...:-)

One of the mentors for website mastery, probably one of the best that can be found anywhere.......

Cheers, my friends,


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JChrisA Premium
A wonderful compliment for Chris Scott...I'll be looking for the blush in his next video presentation! lol...thanks for sharing! :)
theresroth Premium
You're welcome, Chris!
mlight56 Premium
We all need mentors in our lives and especially in this business ... when we find the ones that helps us the most don't let go of them .... cheers ... Michel
theresroth Premium
Exactly, Michel, thanks for commenting!
kasage00 Premium
Well said!
theresroth Premium
Thank you, Karin!
DawnHall1 Premium
Well done ,and beautifully said.
theresroth Premium
Thank you very much, Dawn!:-)
MKearns Premium
Yes Therese, a mentor is priceless n a virtual world!
theresroth Premium
Absolutely, Michael, thanks!