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Last Update: Feb 15, 2023

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With the plethora of content, already on the Internet, and the popularity of artificial intelligence generated content, you now only have one VITAL challenge.


The Internet is saturated with information.

Your single blog post, that you worked on for hours, or maybe days, or perhaps weeks perfecting, is now essentially as significant as a single drop of water in the oceans of the world.

Your competition is now literally, millions or billions of competitors all looking for that one buyer. And that prospective buyer, will bounce from blog to blog, video to video, and eventually land on some thing, somewhere on this giant roulette wheel of content

I want to be optimistic.

As marketers, we now need to create a tribe of raving fans (fanatics), that follow us in desperation to buy from us.

How are you planning on attracting your tribe of followers?

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great question. I'm learning everyday, but are still a baby of the online marketing world of business only 5 months in. looking forward to the challenge

Still working on that day by day, Brad!


Thankfully, that’s why we do keyword research. So that our article isn’t a single drop of water in the ocean, but instead landing right at the top of those google searches our target audience is making :). Thanks to WA for that!

There are always people in need of what you or I it I have to offer. Sometimes just a few and sometimes hundreds of thousands. The challenge is:
1. how to reach them (keywords in blogs or firing paid ads to defined audiences)
2. then they must develop some excitement about your offer
3. following that, they must take the trust barrier
4. now they are ready to buy, will they do or postpone the decision
5. are they hungry for more and to become a member of your community?
6. if they do you should be able to offer more; your members (tribe), indeed, are the hottest buyer audience you can find.
7. to poke them, you will send emails frequently with valuable content, sometimes including an offer, but definitely not always. Keep them happy to stay a member. The best is when they are curious about what you have to say.

Resume: growing a tribe of followers needs to be part of your strategy, so it is writing appealing blog posts (to attract new members and satisfy existing members) and email marketing (to your member-community).

Thanks for your input and reply, Jack.

There are lots of distractions to pull them away between #1 and #5. We need to become a magnet 🧲

Have you been to Bali?

I live in Bali most of the year. So my nickname distinct me from all the other Jack-s. Although I can imagine I am not the only Jack in Bali. But I am the only one in the Wealthy Affiliate community.

'How are you planning on attracting your tribe of followers?'

1. Fact find first (FFF). Very important.
2. Identify a need.
3. Disturb 'em and worry 'em what will happen if they don't sort that need out.
4. Solve the need and offer a solution.
5. Close the sale.
6. Process their debit card.
7. Go to the pub to have a beer to celebrate the sale.
8. Rinse and repeat.

Cheers Paul

U nail this on my wall. That is how it can work. Points 5 to 7 are the easiest ones.

The challenge is that there are so many needs to identify and a variety of solutions. You must dare to take action and just do.
If it does not work then try something else. One of your coming attempts will work. But it is uncertain when that will happen. Thus: never quit.

Sure, Jack. Never quit. I have had successful businesses and others that have failed. It's all part of the process.

Enjoy your day.


Love 💕 Bali.

Only been twice.

You drive home a solid point with this post. It has been on my mind. I want to be optimistic too.

We have to be creative about traffic. Most people do chase alot of squirrels these days, including us sometimes. People just struggle to focus in our current culture.

So, I will finish this training. I'm working on it daily. I like the structure and it is laid out well and explained well.

I also like the idea of your traffic coop. Reach out to me and we can talk more about it. A coop should help all people involved.

All parties should win, including Wealthy Affiliate.

Keep me posted sir.


Will do Jerry.

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Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
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Market Research & Analysis Tools
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