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I understand that the broad topic of marketing, covers a lot of space. So I'm wondering, what does a digital marketing agency do for their clients, and can they guarantee a return on investment?I believe a digital marketing agency would help with branding, communications, advertising, and the few other boots on the ground tasks.What else do you think that a digital marketing agency does for their clients?
Costa Rica 🇨🇷 Have you been?Interested?People from all over the world seek specific destinations to get away and retreat from the day today rat race.Sometimes they go on retreats. They may go for yoga or meditation, or just get away and relax.Costa Rica is one of the destinations.As an affiliate marketer, do you think you could get passionate about promoting retreats to Costa Rica?Retreat coordinators are always interested in getting help promoting their retreat events. These re
Affiliate Marketing is not that complicated.Why is it, that so many people jump to the conclusion of affiliate marketing being a Ponzi scheme or scam?This could not be further from the truth, in my opinion.Affiliate marketing is simply a commissioned sales person. And Affiliate Marketer can get their sales through digital marketing techniques and strategies, or if they wanted to, they could go knock on doors.Granted, there are some scams out there that claim to be affiliate marketing related. H
Strange? Maybe.I have had an interest in the paper clip for sometime now. Perhaps it was back in the 90s, when it first started.I used to have an office in the International Market Square building in Minneapolis Minnesota. I was in that office for a period of time in the 90s. I remember that I left in 1998.I was studying a lot of law of attraction spirituality in those times, and for some reason the paper clip kept coming into my consciousness. I remember going outside for a walk seeing a paper
MAKE IT EASYAs a Digital Marketers and Affiliates, we are always finding new tools that supposedly help us be successful. There's always a New Plugin, or a tracking tool, or some thing that is supposed to make our lives more easy.THE PROBLEM The problem with all of these tools, is they are each individually very, very, very complex. There are a lot of moving digital parts, even in sending an email. There are moving digital parts in a plug-in. There are moving digital parts in a opt in form. The
It's creepy, isn't it?The idea that our humanity becomes robotic and digital. Simply based on logic with no emotion.Do you attend Networking Events to build your business? I admit, I do. However, I really do not like it.Why?Most people when attending a business networking event, do not even see past the first layer. Most are trying to make direct sales. So, while walking around a networking event, I feel like I have a sign on my back that says "sell me something".I don't even like the term "Net
I'm going to predict your current situation.You are currently by YOUR SELF, in front of your computer or with your phone in your hand.ALONE.You have a desire to earn a livable income from your online activities.However, you have still not been able to earn even a stable thousand dollars per month.You might even have a delusional dream of becoming a millionaire, or maybe even a billionaire.Sorry.It's not going to happen.I'm not trying to be negative or discouraging.I am attempting to reveal real
The majority of social media platforms are free to use. You can get an account, even multiple accounts, for free. You pay nothing.Why is this?How are these social media giants making so much money, with a free to use platform on the Internet?Of course, you probably realize, that they are selling advertising, and that's how they make their billions.However, this advertising can get very expensive, and has been becoming less and less effective.But these billionaires are still selling advertising.
Do you use the MeetUp App?For those that do not know, MeetUp is an application that Event coordinators can use to create local gatherings and promote them to a intraspecific group.With the plethora of Wealthy Affiliate Members around the world, would it not be wonderful to have some local MeetUp groups where we can meet in person and share ideas and successes?I am starting a MeetUp group for affiliate marketing here in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.If anyone else is interested, go
"What is the best niche" is a common question for the beginner.A lot of trainers and experts, declare that finding a specific niche is very important.However, what if you're selected niche, becomes obsolete? What if you lose interest or passion in that niche? What if that niche turn sour, and becomes a bad topic?Perhaps a safer bet, is to create a brand around your own identity, and then whatever your interest is, you can change and evolve.It used to be a wise decision, to become an authority o