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What is the benefit of posting on the wa blog platform?

What is the benefit of posting on the wa blog platform?

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I am a WA member now for about 6 weeks and I miss a bit of an overview. One of the things I miss is the meaning of is posting on the WA platform. Is this a way to learn to writ

Some good points here, Jack! It is up to you! I got a referral from these blog posts!


if you are promoting wa then there are plenty of benefits - your post gets indexed and ranked - so you can practice keyword selection, writing your article, headlines interesting body content call to action - all of the things that go into a converting post....
this also helps in your business as as Hilde says if someone clicks on your post in the serps you get the credit...
if promoting wa is not your thing hten you still get the benefits of trying out new ways of blogging to a 'safe' crowd and bringing them interesting ideas or new developments
personally for me this site is not a sociial media site but a business site...soa ny blogging for me should be constrained to business...you can get enough other social stuff on social media...
so is it useful...it can be
is it required...nope
does ti help...depends
it can be useful to develop your blogging voice...
have fun

Hey there. Blogging on WA is optional but useful if you want to share something good with the rest of the community. However, make your website the main priority, that's my advice.

That is what I thought. That is the main priority. Hand in hand with the course, but that stops after the conclusion.

Jack, I post on WA regularly with the main aim to motivate myself and share my progress with my fellow members

Well, that is also a good reason. Catch more flies in one hit (Dutch verb ;-))

WA blogposts are great because you can use it to promote WA. The WA blogs are official. And when someone read the post a pop up comes after a few seconds to join WA. It is a good way to get referrals. I joined WA this way reading a persons blogpost that inspired me to start.

Really Hilde? I didn't know that. That is inspiring for me

Simone, you can click on the envelope above and it automatically links to the blog post and including your affiliate link

Thank you Catherine:)

So this is interesting, so my referral link is automatically attached to the pop-up?

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